Teacher Spotlight: Karen – Violin, Viola, and Piano Teacher in Carrollton, TX

We are pleased to introduce our newest Piano, Viola, and Violin teacher in Carrollton, TX!

Education Background

Karen holds a Bachelors of Music Education from Hardin-Simmons University. In her time at Hardin-Simmons, she was part of the Civic Orchestra of Abilene as a first violin and as well as a percussionist in the band.

Thanks to the many travel opportunities while in school, she has traveled all over Texas, Louisiana, and Missouri for a variety of performances, ranging from church, recitals, community concerts, dinner boat shows, guest performances, classical repertoire concerts, street performances, and even marching for various parades. Because of this, she has a wide variety of exposure to repertoire and style.   

Karen has been learning piano since she was 8 years old. She began private violin lessons while in 6th grade, and she took up percussion in high school. Through all her years of private instruction and University level training, Karen hs become a well-rounded musician.

Teaching Background

Karen’s first teaching experience happened to be in Abilene where she acquired a love and passion for kids of special education and music. Later in her professional development, she moved back to DFW to student teach at her High School alma mater. She led in-person and online classes from freshman to symphonic class almost every day during her time there. Karen was also in charge of leading sectionals for violins and as a result of her teaching, helped achieve superior ratings in UIL for the varsity and non-varsity orchestras. 

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Personality / Teaching Style 

Karen is a calm, friendly, and focused person. She is very persistent but understanding and believes that every student is capable as long as they show passion, do their best, and do their part in practicing. Karen is a very compassionate person and will always challenge her students grow into the best musician they can be. She loves to develop rapport with the students she teaches and is an easy communicator.  

What others are saying about Karen:

Karen is methodical and careful in her approach. She is kind and respectful and students respect her.  She plans carefully and puts great thought into how her warm-ups should reflect what she wants to accomplish in the piece.  She is quiet but still able to keep students attentive and engaged. Karen is very knowledgeable on the subject matter and she is not afraid of constructive comments.  She will work hard to overcome obstacles or to find a new and better way to approach class/lesson materials.

Christy, Carrollton, TX

Karen is very kind to students as she works methodically on pedagogy but makes sure she differs instruction based on the students’ needs. She has an amazing work ethic and will not turn down an opportunity to work hard to better her students.

Candi, Carrollton, TX

Special Skills

Because of Karen’s 12+ years of experience in orchestra, piano, and 8+ years of band and percussion, she has different views and likes to combine different techniques of learning music. Karen will adapt accordingly to each student to best fit individual’s learning style. 

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Teacher Spotlight: David – Voice and Piano Teacher in Dallas, TX

It is our pleasure to introduce our newest voice teacher in Dallas, TX!

Educational/Performance Background

David holds a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance/Opera from the University of North Texas, where he studied with William Joyner. David completed his Bachelors of Music in Music Education at James Madison University in Virginia prior to attending UNT.

David has been singing for as long as he can remember. He sang in his church choir as a young boy and continued to sing in choirs in middle school and high school. His grandfather also heavily influenced him musically; who was a great amateur pianist that loved opera!

David has performed many supporting roles in operas throughout his time in undergraduate and had a few leading opera roles during his time at UNT. Most recently, David has been contracted with The Dallas Opera as an Education Outreach Artist for the past two seasons (2019-20 & 2021). The Dallas Opera Outreach Program performed at several Elementary, Middle, and High Schools throughout the DFW area to bring good music and entertaining opera stories to the younger generation.

Teaching Background

David is a passionate teacher that loves seeing his students succeed! David works well with ages 6+ and specializes in ages 14+ in healthy vocal technique. David has been teaching for 3+ years and works on proper breathing techniques and helps his students prepare anything from choir music to performance techniques. His main focus and foundation of singing is a natural, healthy, and efficient approach. David also has choral teaching experience leading and conducting small ensembles to large choirs.

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Personality/Teaching Style:

David is a very energetic person and teacher! David gets excited and cheers on his students when they succeed to help drive them toward their goals. As stated above, David uses a foundation of proper breathing techniques to help open up the voice, producing a natural and efficient sound. He is a huge believer in connecting the speaking voice to the singing voice to produce a healthy and natural sound. David also frequently asks his students what they feel when they sing or vocalize, as singing is a very sensational activity. He guides his students to having the correct and healthy sensations when singing. Just as an instrumentalist needs to adjust their fingering or embouchure (mouth position), a singer needs to adjust their approach by feeling or sensing what is occuring with their voice when singing.

What others are saying about David:

David is an upbeat and positive young man, a natural “pied piper” type of person who through his own positive energy helps to bring out the best in those around him.  David’s comments to his peers in my Studio Class were always positive and encouraging rather than negative and disparaging.

I would absolutely recommend David Bogaev to a friend!  He has been in my home.  I have been to dinner with David and his wife.  I occasionally left him in charge of my Studio Class, on days when I was away and could not lead the class, myself.

David Bogaev is an outstanding human being whom I recommend without reservation!

William, Assistant Professor of Vocal Studies, UNT

Special Skills

David is classically and operatically trained and is able to teach proper classical vocal techniques. However, David grew up singing Classic Rock with his father and also sang in Gospel Choirs and still loves singing those types of music today. Therefore, David uses his classical training and breathing techniques to open up the voice to produce an efficient sound, no matter what genre a student is interested in. David is able to teach opera, rock, gospel, jazz, musical theater, and many more vocal styles! If there is something a student would like to work on and David isn’t very familiar with it, he will research it and be ready to teach it by the next lesson. David is also able to teach music theory and ear-training to ages 12+ for students interested in furthering their musical knowledge.

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Teacher Spotlight – Timothy – Violin Teacher in Denton, TX

We are pleased to introduce our newest violin teacher in Denton TX!

Educational Background

Timothy has been playing the violin since he was 10. During high school he studied with San Antonio Symphony Co-Concert Master Renia Piotrowski-Shterenberg and is completing his final year toward earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Music from the University of North Texas. He has studied under Dr. Philip Lewis for 4 years during his time at the university and has been a part of the UNT Symphony as well as the UNT Concert Orchestra during his time there. Timothy has also studied under Dr. Eka Gogichashvili at the Baylor School of Music.

Teaching Background

While Timothy is at the beginning of his career, he has 3 years of teaching experience at the UNT String Project where he has led classes of violin, viola, and cello, teaching beginners to small intermediate orchestras. He has also taught individual violin lessons of varying experience levels to students from toddlers to adults. Yearly recitals were an exciting part of this program that not only showcased the progress of the students but gave them an event which motivated them to spend more time in their craft.

Personality/Teaching Style

High energy and a fun experience are Timothy’s keys to creating successful lessons that engage the students and keep them wanting to progress. Every student is different, which means every lesson will be built around the student’s personality as well as their ability on their instrument. Structuring his lesson plans around the Suzuki method and tailoring techniques to each individual student is Timothy’s way of teaching.

What others are saying about Timothy

Tim is a patient teacher, and he breaks down music really efficiently to make sure that you get the right feel for the piece you are working on. Tim is really good with making sure someone is hitting the right cues and notes. I would definitely recommend Tim for any violin work.

Hannah, Denton, TX

Tim is a fine violinist, a perceptive and effective teacher, and a lovely person. I am his Major Professor at the University of North Texas and have taught him for 4 and a half years. In my Studio Classes I often ask students to critique each other and make suggestions to improve particular points. Tim often comes up with excellent perceptions and ideas. He is personable and makes suggestions in a gentle but firm manner.

Philip, UNT Professor

Special Skills

Timothy is well educated in teaching full orchestras as well as individual violin. Help with repertoire for solo violin or your orchestra can be part of your lesson! While being a classical musician, Timothy grew up with roots in Rock and Latino music. Connecting your instrument to multiple styles of music is one of the most important things in his life.

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Teacher Spotlight – Geronimo – Violin and Viola Teacher in Dallas, TX

We are thrilled to introduce our newest viola and violin teacher in Dallas Texas!

Educational Background

After serving as concertmaster for the National Youth Orchestra and as the youngest member of the National Symphony Orchestra in his native Uruguay, violinist Geronimo Oyenard attended the College of Charleston on a full scholarship, where he obtained his Bachelor’s in Arts and an Artist’s Certificate in Performance. He furthered his musical studies at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA), where he received a Master’s Degree in Performance, and at the University of Oklahoma, where he completed his DMA in Performance.

Teaching Background

As an educator, Dr. Oyenard was a sabbatical replacement for Hal Grossman’s undergraduate violin class at the University of Oklahoma (2017). He has been on faculty at the Norman School for Strings, the UNCSA Community Music School, the Performing Arts Institute of Virginia, Bluefield State College, and was the Roanoke Symphony’s Strings Instructor for three years. In this position, Dr. Oyenard created and directed Suzuki-based violin programs for many public school districts, taught underprivileged students for the Friends of the RSO, coached the Roanoke Youth Symphony, judged its annual concerto competition, and taught at their Summer Music Institute. As Artist-in Residence for Franklin County Public Schools, Dr. Oyenard directed an in-school Suzuki-based program that reached over 60 elementary and middle-school children every week. A certified Suzuki instructor, Dr. Oyenard has taught for the Lynchburg City Schools Suzuki Program and is currently a Teaching Artist for the Dallas Symphony’s Young Musicians program and an upper strings instructor for Founders Classical Academy and Plano and Rockwall ISDs.

Personality/Teaching Style

As a teacher, Dr. Oyenard is approachable, communicative, professional, versatile, and deeply cares about each student’s growth in and beyond the studio. His highly methodical and analytical teaching approach is the result of years of performing and teaching. A lifelong learner, Dr. Oyenard takes the best elements from many successful violin methods and approaches to to deliver a personalized learning experience that best suits each student’s level and needs. 

What others are saying about Dr. Oyenard:

His teaching style is that of a gifted natural-born teacher who has put years of study and practical experience into passing on his enormous abilities.

His strength is that he is an all-around musician, who can do just about anything: teach, arrange, compose, perform, lead an ensemble, do research on performance practice, lecture on Mozart and Beethoven…

I would certainly recommend him to a friend. He is such a great musician, and is thoughtful, articulate, and personable. I am sure he would treat every student as an individual with particular learning styles and musical preferences.

He has my highest recommendation.

Professor of Musicology, OU School of Music

I’m happy to write with my wholehearted support of Geronimo Oyenard. I have known Geronimo since 2005, when he enrolled at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts to pursue a Master’s degree as my student. Since completing this degree, he has had lessons with me periodically, and I have appreciated that he has consistently kept in close contact. I have been delighted to hear the fine evolution of his playing, and to be kept informed about the developments in his professional life.

As a teacher, Geronimo is thorough, lucid and patient. Over the years, I have been impressed by the fine preparation of his students who have auditioned at UNCSA, including one young woman I’m very much hoping will enter the school this fall.

Besides his dedication to teaching and playing at the highest level he can imagine, Geromino’s strengths include an unusual ability to connect with people, an infectious good cheer, and a remarkable affinity for maintaining good relations with all kinds of colleagues. He meets difficulties with good humor and good sense. I’d certainly recommend his teaching to any friend, and I have every confidence that you will be pleased with his work.

Professor of Violin and String Department Chair, University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Geronimo is a gentle, caring human being who works hard and is supportive of those around him.

Professor of Viola University of Delaware

Special Skills

Dr. Oyenard is currently Assistant Principal Second Violin with the Symphony Orchestra of Northern Arkansas and plays regularly with the Tulsa Symphony & Ballet and the Victoria Symphony. He has also played with the Charleston Symphony, the North Carolina Symphony, the West Virginia Symphony, the Virginia Symphony, the Richmond Symphony, the Roanoke Symphony, Opera on the James, and the Williamsburg Symphonia. He has served as concertmaster and soloist with the Lynchburg Symphony, the New River Valley Orchestra, and the College of Charleston and UNCSA orchestras. As a chamber musician, Dr. Oyenard has been a member of the Charleston Promusica early music ensemble, and the Stern Scholar and Blue Ridge string quartets. Dr. Oyenard has also participated in numerous summer chamber music workshops and orchestral festivals in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Austria, Spain, and France. He has performed frequently as recitalist for the Roanoke College, Hollins University, and College of Charleston faculty series.

In his spare time, Dr. Oyenard enjoys arranging popular film, TV, and videogame music for strings.

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Teacher Spotlight: Anthony – Voice, Piano, and Guitar Teacher in Denton Texas

We are pleased to introduce our newest teacher in Denton, TX!

Educational Background

Anthony is nearing the completion of his Bachelor of Music degree from the University of North Texas. He has had years of university-level vocal instruction and has been a member of the UNT Choir for six semesters. UNT is widely known for it’s rigorous music program, and as part of his required studies, Anthony has developed a firm grasp of music theory, ear training, and piano artistry. Outside of college, Anthony has studied with a world-renowned guitar player, Bill Hudson, and continues taking lessons to further his own abilities as a player.

Teaching Background

While Anthony is new to teaching music, his university education has involved pedagogy classes, and Anthony has gone through Starlight Music Lessons’ comprehensive training program designed for newer teachers. Anthony’s musical knowledge, paired with his fantastic personality and love for people make a wonderful combination for being an excellent teacher.

Anthony does have some experience teaching private students, both online and in-person. He has been asked to help teach vocal technique and pedagogy at A.C. Jones High School, and he currently works at a Montessori school teaching and guiding students from the primary ages of three to seven. Putting his passion for teaching and music together is something he has always wanted to do. He loves helping students of all ages learn and grow!

Personality/Teaching Style

Anthony’s style is very dynamic, focused and energized. He believes that each student has a different desired outcome for their lessons, and he will cater the lesson to each student’s musical goals. Anthony can teach both academically and free-form, depending on what the student wants to achieve throughout the lessons. While being flexible in his approach to teaching, Anthony still advocates that true progress can only happen through consistent practice and commitment. A core tenet of Anthony’s philosophy is that learning your favorite songs will vastly improve your skill, commitment, and love for your instrument overall. Students will find Anthony to be fun, understanding and eager to help you grow as a musician.

What others are saying about Anthony:

Anthony is a great guitarist, vocalist and overall musician. He is very smart when it comes to Music Theory as well. He has always been willing to learn new things and understands the importance of constructive criticism. Anthony takes as much educational information possible to grow and be an overall knowledgeable student. He has excellent leadership skills as he has demonstrated support and kindness to others. Anthony has a humble heart, and is always willing to be there for those in need. He understands the meaning of hard work and understands what it takes to make something happen. His character demonstrates strength, respect, passion and dedication

Fine Arts Department Head, A.C. Jones High School

Special Skills

Anthony’s favorite style is Rock. His specialty lies in teaching these styles on guitar, from beginner techniques like alternate picking and power chords, to more advanced techniques such as sweep-picking and tapping. With this knowledge of the guitar, he can also teach other genres that focus on guitar, such as Pop, Folk, etc. Anthony will gladly take the time to learn your favorite songs outside of the lesson and teach them to you during your lesson!

Anthony can teach classical vocal repertoire, as well as offer technique and tips to students looking to sing Pop music. Anthony can also teach music theory and ear-training, which will help you progress quicker and understand music on a deeper level.

Anthony looks forward to seeing you in his lessons and growing with you! If you are ready to enroll, click here to fill out our brief enrollment form.

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Teacher Spotlight: Daria – Voice, Violin, and Piano Teacher in Frisco, TX

It is our pleasure to introduce Daria, our spectacular piano, voice, and violin teacher in Frisco, TX! Daria offers lessons online and in her Frisco studio.

Daria – Piano, Voice, and Violin

Educational Background
Daria holds both Bachelor of Music and Master of Music from The Manhattan School of Music, the world-renowned music conservatory. She has studied voice with Mignon Dunn and Maitl Peters and accompanying with Kenneth Merrill. She went on to study voice with Lorraine Ernst Sandra Darling and at John J. Cali School of Music at Montclair State University, received her Artist Diploma. Later on she studied voice with David Jones. Additional studies include Musical Theatre from New York University, German Lieder Program from University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Dalcroze Teacher Training Program from the Dalcroze School at Lucy Moses School, Professional Artist Program from Songfest Festival, and Advanced Artist Opera Workshop Program from Daniel Ferro’s Vocal Program.

Daria's Studio
Daria’s Studio

Teaching Background
As a highly dedicated music teacher with more than 16 years of experience, Daria has taught classical voice, musical theatre, piano, beginner violin, and children/youth/adult choirs in a kindergarten, private schools with public schools’ setting, and a college.

Personality/Teaching Style
Daria is a cheerful and uplifting person who has a caring and a passionate heart. She believes in a flexible manner of instruction, responsive to the unique personality of each student.

Styles & Methods I can Teach
Dalcroze, Alfred, Bastien, Hanon, Suzuki, Concone, Marchesi, Alexander Technique, Stage Combat, Hymns, Classical, Musical Theatre, College/Grad school Audition Preparation, Competition Preparation

What others are saying about Daria:

Ms. Chung is extremely dedicated to the concept of education. She feels a strong sense of responsibility to the students in her classes and she takes their success very personally. She is also exceedingly patient with all students, encourages them and coaxes the very best effort from each and every one. And I think this is the reason that her students love her so much and made such a huge improvement on making their music in such a short period of time. Ms. Chung is clearly one of the best faculty I have worked with in the last 19 years.

Daria is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher. She would lead the students patiently step by step to help them make the right sound needed for the piece. She is willing to repeat as many times as possible until the students finally understand the idea. I have seen many students be amazed at the sound they were able to produce after her coaching.

Daria is a very sincere and caring person. She is able to understand and relate to many different people with various environments which must be the reason she was able to successfully teach various students and work in different environments. Also, she has given many performances for charity for the people in need for help.

Special Skills
Daria has given numerous solo recitals throughout the United States of America, Europe and Korea including New York Debut Solo Recital at Weill Recital at Carnegie Hall as an award recipient. She has also appeared in various chamber ensembles as a soloist and operas as main soprano roles.
Daria was a winner of the Artists International Competition, National Society of Arts and Letters Competition and the NATS Artist Awards Competition.

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Teacher Spotlight: Alyssa – Piano Teacher in Arlington

It is our pleasure to introduce to you Alyssa, our wonderful piano teacher in Arlington, TX!

Educational Background

Alyssa started taking piano lessons when she was a child, and to this day continues to learn all she can to better herself as a pianist and a teacher.  She studied music theory at Trinity Baptist Bible College, while also singing in the choir. Alyssa participates heavily in the music program of her local church, performing solos regularly and accompanying other performers.

Teaching Background

Alyssa has been teaching since February 2016. Her students love her and have done well under her instruction.  She held her first recital in May 2016, and six out of her then eight students participated.  She started with only two students, and in a short time teaches more than 12 students thanks to her students referring her — a true sign of happy students and parents!

Personality & Teaching Style

Alyssa loves to have fun with her lessons, whether the student is 4 or 40.  She also knows that students will have more fun the more they progress, and so she tries to work with her students to set and accomplish clear goals, both big and small.  Alyssa also likes to get to know her students personally, and to learn what motivates each student to play piano and use that as a basis for growth.

What others are saying about Alyssa:

Alyssa is a fantastic piano teacher.  Her patience, knowledge, and encouragement is the same whether you are 5 or 45.  My son and I both take lessons from Alyssa, and we love her!

Fort Worth, TX

Miss Alyssa has been a great teacher for my 4-year-old daughter.  She is very patient and great at making the concepts easy for her to understand.”  

Arlington, TX

Alyssa’s strengths as a piano teacher are that she knows what sections of a piece need to be polished.  As my student, I can tell when she has put her mind to accomplishing a certain goal.

Arlington, TX

Alyssa is a wonderful piano teacher.  My son and I love her teaching style and she is very good at teaching students at any level.  She is an encouraging teacher and teaches in a positive way.

Grand Prairie, TX

Special Skills

Alyssa loves teaching the younger-aged kids with fun curriculums that introduce music concepts through characters and songs that get the student moving and learning even away from the piano.  It is amazing to watch young minds explore and grow through music.  She also specializes in sacred music, although all styles of music will be taught through the curriculum.

Teacher Spotlight: Lauren – Piano and Voice Teacher in Dallas, TX

Educational Background:

Lauren is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree in music at Southern Methodist University where she is studying with Camille King. She has been a music student for most of her life starting at age 4. Lauren is part of the Meadows Opera Ensemble and has appeared in many productions including Alcina, Our Town, Cosi Fan Tutte, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and a touring production of Broadway Anthems for the SMU-in-Taos Cultural Institute. In addition to her classical voice training, Lauren is passionate about musical theater and currently studies with Natalie Weiss from New York City.

Teaching Background:

Lauren has shared her passion for teaching with others since she was 11. She has served in leadership positions with gymnastics teams, dance teams, and choral groups where she was tasked with mentoring and teaching less experienced participants. Lauren has also been fortunate to serve as a teaching assistant at a Montessori school where she worked with students in the classroom and music program. She has also been involved in the creative and choreography process teaching high school spirit squads and dance teams.

 Personality/Teaching Style:

Lauren has an upbeat, positive personality and loves to share that positivity with her students. She believes music lessons should be fun and foster a love and appreciation for music. She expects her students to practice regularly but is not harsh with students when this expectation isn’t met. Her number one goal is to make sure her students are enjoying every lesson and their own practice time.

What others are saying about Lauren:

Lauren is very specific with what she wants but generous and helpful with those students with whom she works. She can sing, dance and act and has great skills as well as love for helping others thrive. Lauren is always prompt, friendly, and prepared. She left her problems, if she had any, at the door. I loved working with her. She is a real professional.

Sara J. Romersberger
Associate Professor of Theatre
Southern Methodist University

Lauren is very disciplined.  Fine young musician.  Talented singer/dancer. I have enjoyed working with Lauren very much. 

Virginia Dupuy, Prof. of Voice.  SMU

Special Skills:

Lauren believes if a student can learn classical voice and piano technique, they can sing or play anything. With voice, Lauren emphasizes the importance of learning to sing in a very healthy, sustainable way. Her classical background also transfers over to musical theater and pop music. Furthermore, because she has a strong dance background, Lauren takes a very physical approach to music and stresses the importance of connecting with the body when singing and playing.

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Teacher Spotlight: Caleb – Voice and Guitar Teacher in Lewisville, TX

We are thrilled to introduce Caleb, our fabulous voice and guitar teacher in Lewisville!

Teaching Background:

Caleb began playing music when he was 7 years old, and he has continued to study and perform several instruments including violin, mandolin, guitar, and singing. Caleb officially  began teaching music lessons in 2015 after finishing his Bachelor’s degree at DSU. Throughout the years, Caleb has continued to teach voice and guitar lessons with private studios, professional studios, and school districts. While Caleb’s formal music educational background is primarily in classical music, he also excels in performing and teaching other genres such as Folk, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Metal, Country, Bluegrass, Musical Theatre, and Sacred Music.

Educational Background:

Caleb holds his Bachelor of Arts degree in vocal performance from Delta State University where he studied with Dr. Mary Lynn Buchanan and Dr. Laurissa Backlin. During his undergraduate studies, Caleb actively performed with Delta State Chorale, Chamber Singers, and performed the title role in Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro. Caleb recently finished his Master of Music degree in vocal performance and operatic studies from University of North Texas where he studied with world renowned operatic tenor, Richard Croft. While working at UNT, Caleb performed several roles with UNT Opera including: Henry Davis in Kurt Weill’s Street Scene, Maitre Corbeau in Albert Roussel’s Le testament de la tante Carolina, and Guglielmo in Mozart’s Così fan tutte. He also performed with UNT’s early music group, Collegium and worked as a Stage Director for the Student Directors’ Scenes and Leoš Janáček’s The Cunning Little Vixen.

After graduating from University of North Texas, Caleb accepted the position of resident artist at Pittsburgh Festival Opera where he worked as a singer, stage-director, and sound designer. Caleb is currently an active performer in the DFW area where he has worked with groups and organizations such as Dallas Chamber Choir, Verdigris Ensemble, St. Michael and All Angels, and All Saints Catholic Church.

Teaching Styles:

During Caleb’s music career, he has worked with exceptional music educators such as Dr. Stephen Austin, Kumiko Shimizu, Dr. Elvia Puccinelli, Roy Howat, Dr. Susan Youens, Ryland Angel, and Richard Croft. His extensive study with these incredible professionals as well as his years of teaching has provided him with exceptional abilities to guide each student he works with to success. Caleb’s teaching style is one of an individual approach. While he does use a designed structural system of teaching private lessons, he believes every student is different and should therefore work to find the most prudent system for each student. He also believes that it is highly beneficial for the student to participate in repertoire selection and performance practices.

Special Skills:

Caleb has been performing almost every genre of music for years, and he has not only taught private lessons but has given masterclasses, audition coachings, and recorded multiple albums. Caleb has a wide variety of skills when it comes to the world of music. Some of the more special skills Caleb carries include: German, French, and Italian diction; ear-training; music theory; orchestration; conducting; stage-direction; and music technology.

What others are saying about Caleb:

Caleb is a fine performer, very good musician… is quick and reliable, and an excellent colleague. He has a warm and supportive personality, is very good one-on-one, I am sure would be a strong and empathetic teacher, and a very good team player. Caleb is a real talent and is more than ready for the challenges you might be able to offer him. I believe he would serve you and your students very well. I recommend him without reservation.

Jonathan Eaton
Winspear Chair and Director of Opera
University of North Texas

Caleb has a solid training in the area of pedagogy. He is very intelligent, a fine singer and sensitive musician. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and to you to hire!

Stephen F. Austin, MM, PhD
Professor of Voice
Center for Performing Arts Health
College of Music
University of North Texas

I am happy to enthusiastically recommend Caleb for consideration as a member of your teaching staff. I was Caleb’s Major Professor during his MM degree here at UNT.

Caleb was an ideal student. He possesses an ability to transcend technique and to take the listener into the song itself. He has a very solid technique. He is respectful, thoughtful, professional and was always prepared and ready to work in our lessons. I recommend him without reservation.

Richard Croft
University Distinguished Research Professor 2019

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Teacher Spotlight: Felicity – Piano, Voice, and Violin Teacher in Irving, TX

We are so pleased to welcome Felicity to our team of fabulous teachers!

Educational Background:

Felicity is an English pianist and composer currently based in Texas. She started playing the piano at the age of four and also plays the violin, flute, and organ. She received much of her formative musical training at Mount Kelly, an independent day and boarding school in Tavistock, England. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Composition from The Boston Conservatory and a Master of Education degree from Tennessee State University. Her Master of Education thesis, Ethnic Music in Nashville: A Choral Approach, won the university’s graduate oral presentation award at its Spring 2017 Research Forum For the Arts. She will be beginning the PhD program in Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Texas at Dallas in August 2020.

Teaching Background:

Felicity has been teaching piano for over ten years. Since moving to Texas in 2018 she has taught as a piano, voice, and composition teacher at two local music schools. Two of her students placed in the 2019 TMTA Student Affiliate Original Composition Contest. One student won the Large Ensemble category, and another was awarded third place in the Solo Grades 1-3 category.

Personality/Teaching Style:

For every hour of teaching Felicity will put in more than an hour of preparation work. She is super organized and dedicated to her students. She believes in being supportive and encouraging while pushing students to reach their full potential. In her view, it is important for students’ love of music to grow as their technique grows.

What others are saying about Felicity:

Felicity has been a teacher at my studio for over a year now. She has worked with students ranging in age from 5 years old to high school seniors, and she is a wonderful asset at our studio… Felicity is very organized, always on time and extremely professional. I feel she would be an asset at any teaching institute and highly recommend her.

Jennea, Southlake TX

“During the time that Felicity and I worked together, I found her to be proficient in her craft, dependable in attendance and preparation, flexible when faced with last-minute changes and adaptable when faced with logistical challenges…I highly recommend her for assignments as a teacher”

Charles, Director of Music Ministries at Rehoboth United Methodist Church in Gallatin, TN

Special Skills:

As well as being an experienced teacher, Felicity is a skilled piano accompanist, conductor, and composer. She works as Music Director at Bethany Lutheran Church in Dallas and accompanies choirs and soloists throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She would be more than willing to help students develop their accompanist, conducting, or composition and arranging skills.

If you are looking for a wonderful teacher in Irving Tx, look no further! Contact us today and ask about Felicity. You will NOT be disappointed! Felicity also teaches in Southlake, Dallas, and Lewisville.