Children’s Music Lessons

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Have you heard about Children’s music lessons?

“Of course! Who hasn’t?”

BUT, have you heard about how beneficial children’s music lessons can be?

“…. Umm.. sure… Kids learn to play music.”

No, I’m not talking about the joy of hearing your little sweetheart klunk on the piano tickle the keys like Mozart. I’m talking about benefits of children’s music lessons completely unrelated to music.


Yeah, now we have something to talk about. Do children’s music lessons even have benefits that lie beyond giving your child the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument? They certainly do! Let’s talk about some of those benefits.

So, do you like Math? Okay, maybe that’s not the best question. Do you want your child to be good in math? Yeah, that’s better. Did you know that children’s music lessons enhance a child’s mathematical ability and awareness? When a child is learning music, he is absorbing mathematical constructions inherent in music composition. For example, within the first few music lessons, a young music student is learning about fractions. She certainly doesn’t need a mathematical understanding about fractions to start music lessons, but you would be surprised to see the mathematical concepts that are learned under the guise of music. Shh! Don’t tell your kid that when you’re sending him to children’s music lessons you’re actually helping improve his math skills.

Not only will children’s music lessons help during a child’s young life, but studying music in the long run can increase math scores and even effect results on standardized tests as well as classroom tests. The College Board did a study “document[ing] a 100-point gap in SAT scores between students who had music instruction during their early elementary school years and students who did not. The longer students study music, the greater gap in scores.”  Other similar studies have produced the same findings. The results of these studies show that even when children’s music lessons are given to every group, regardless of IQ, the test subjects’ scores increase.

Do you think strengthening memorization skills is valuable? Regardless of what instrument is being learned, memorization is needed to learn music. Can you think of any areas of life that could benefit from increased memorization skills? How about every subject in school?  Music is a language of its own. The musician must not only learn the symbols of music, but he also must learn what action should be placed with that symbol. Therefore through childrens music lessons, both cognitive as well as muscle memory are formed.

What about an immediate benefit of music lessons? Children’s music lessons helps immediately strengthen a child’s speech patterns. The child must learn the patterns of highs and lows in music, and this directly correlates with the highs and lows of speech patterns. Not only will these strengthened speech patterns benefit the child in the short-term, through studies we have learned that the study of music also makes a big difference in the continued advancement of a child’s academic studies. These studies show that students of music learn foreign languages more easily and can improve performance on certain types of tests. Music is certainly something that can boost learning, no matter what the subject matter.

We could certainly go on and on about the benefits of Children’s Music Lessons, but we’ll stop there for today. Did anything surprise you regarding what can be gained from Children’s Music Lessons? I know many people are shocked to learn how amazing music lessons for kids are. If you know someone who could benefit from Children’s Music Lessons (…ehem…*cough* everyone!) then let them know about Starlight Music Lessons. We provide wonderful music lessons for kids in their own homes all over the DFW metroplex. Visit our website and learn about the Starlight Music Lessons Difference!




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