Meet Jay, Our Fabulous Guitar Teacher in Keller, TX!


Jay began his musical journey by teaching himself to play the guitar.  He soon began taking private lessons with local musicians, session players, and teachers in the Los Angeles area.  Jay wanted to broaden his musical knowledge, so he attended California State University where he earned Bachelor’s degree in music with an emphasis in Recording Engineering.  While attending the University, he took lessons with one of the LA’s veteran jazz performers, Jimmy Stewart. After finishing school, Jay worked in a prominent recording studio in Hollywood where he gained studio experiences.

Jay has been giving guitar lessons to children and adults for more than twenty years.  He has experience with one-on-one private lessons as well as small group lessons. Jay understands that everybody approaches music differently.  Some people want to be the world’s greatest musician and are willing to go through rigorous training, while others just want to enjoy learning their favorite songs. He believes in setting individualized goals for each student so that everyone enjoys the journey of playing music.

Styles & methods Jay can teach include Beginning to Advanced: Chords, Scales, Modes, Theory, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Country, Classical

Here’s what others are saying about Jay:

“I know I’m little bit slow, but he has never lost patience with me”  – Norwalk, CA

“We want Jay to teach my son forever! Even if it’s not the guitar, it’s a positive influence for him be around Jay” – Orange, CA

Jay will teach in the following cities: Keller, Roanoke, Watauga, Southlake, Westlake, Grapevine

Are you looking for guitar lessons in Keller or it’s surrounding areas? Then contact us today, and ask about Jay!

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