Practice Recitals at Home: A Great Way to Prep for Your Performance

dorothyWe are so looking forward to Starlight’s upcoming costume recital! This is going to be a blast!

Practice these steps at home to help your child prepare for performing in front of others.

Please review with your child that while backstage, they must be quiet and listen to instructions.

1. From backstage, walk up to the piano or mic, as appropriate. During this time, the teacher will be announce your name and song title. Place your sheet music on the stand if you are not playing memorized.

2. Piano players: sit down and place your fingers on the appropriate keys to start the song. Non-piano instrumentalists: Get your instrument set up and in playing position. Vocalists: Focus on breathing and finding good posture.

3. Perform your piece just like you did in practice. If you make a mistake, don’t stop and start over. Just keep going and pretend it didn’t even happen. More than likely, the audience won’t even know!

4. When you finish, stand up, leaving your sheet music/book on the stand. Do not bow with your sheet music in your hands. Step away from your instrument and/or stand so everyone can see you.

5. Bow or curtsy. Look out at the audience and SMILE!!!

6. Get your sheet music/book and return to backstage area.


If you have any questions about Starlight’s upcoming recital or would like to talk to someone about starting music lessons, please contact us today!

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