Teacher Spotlight: Zach – Guitar, Tuba, and Piano Teacher in Fort Worth, TX

We are thrilled to introduce Zachary, a teacher with many skills in Fort Worth, TX. He offers in-home music lessons in Fort Worth, as well as online music lessons.

Education Background

Zachary holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Composition from Baylor University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. While at Baylor he studied composition with Dr. Ben Johansen and Dr. Scott McAllister, and he studied piano with Dr. Brian Marks. At Baylor he also took Theory and Ear-Training courses, as well as courses in Counterpoint and Music Composition. During his senior year Zach was a tutor for freshmen and sophomore Theory and Ear-Training students.

Zach is proficient in Metal, Prog Rock, Classical, House Music, Jazz, and Pop. He began learning the guitar at age 8 and the piano at age 10. Zachary played the Tuba all throughout high school, where he made TMEA All-State three times and was Principal Tubist in the Houston Youth Symphony.

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Zachary has played in an extremely diverse range of ensembles. On piano he has played for the Friendswood Community Church, the Perry United Methodist Church, the Aggie Orchestra, in the rock band Joél, and has performed in the premiers for a number of new compositions by both himself and his colleagues at Baylor and San Jacinto College. During his senior year at Baylor, Zach put on a Piano Recital which included works by Aaron Copland, Olivier Messiaen, and Franz Joseph Haydn. He also performed in the Men’s Choir during his time at Baylor.

On Tuba, Zachary performed with the TMEA All-State Band, the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band, the Santa Clara Vanguard, the Texas A&M Wind Ensemble, the Christ United Methodist Church, and the Houston Youth Symphony.

Teaching Background

Zachary has worked with students from the ages of 6 to 65, and has deeply enjoyed working with a broad range of students from very different backgrounds. He was a marching tech for the Pearland High School marching band in their 2016 season, where he taught students to perfect their musical and physical skills. He then taught piano, guitar, and ukulele at the Piano Studio, where he taught classical, popular, rock, jazz, and blues repertoire. While at Baylor, Zachary taught theory and ear-training to freshmen and sophomores. He is excited to continue his teaching career and to see what new musical insights that his students will bring to him.

Personality/Teaching Style

Zachary loves when his students love their lessons. He always does his best to allow his students to have input when deciding their repertoire, because he believes that when a student is passionate about what they are playing then it motivates them to practice and, more importantly, they learn to love the instrument that they play.

As a composer, Zachary also takes a more free-from approach to lessons, and is always open to receiving calls or texts during the week if the student has a question about a difficult passage in between lessons. Zachary also likes to give concrete assignments and goals to achieve at each lesson, because the use of concrete goals gives the student more structure when they practice, leads to faster results, and allows for the student to experience accomplishment at all the little points between when they have just started the piece and when they have mastered it.

Special Skills

Zachary has played rock, metal, blues, classical, hymnals, and pop music. He has trained for auditions for everything from churches to rock bands to universities. He has worked with students from different backgrounds and prides himself on his ability to cater his methods to each individual student. He also loves reading literature and music criticism, and watching film. In addition to Piano, Guitar, and Tuba, he can also teach Theory, Ear-Training, Composition, and Counterpoint to any interested students. He would love to grow as a musician with you.

What others are saying about Zachary:

Zachary was always punctual, polite, and made me feel comfortable yet challenged in each of my lessons.

– League City, TX

Zachary is clearly very passionate about both music and teaching, and I felt that shine through in each lesson.

– Houston, TX

(Zachary) is very bright, responsible, dependable, and creative. He was a leader in class discussions and well-liked and respected by his peers. He is respectful to a degree not often seen in students of his generation. He also has a pleasant personality, a quick wit, and a good sense of humor. I commend him to you highly.

– Professor/Associate Dean at Baylor University

If you live in the Fort Worth area and you choose to invite Zachary into your home for lessons, you will not be disappointed! Zachary also has an upright piano at his home in Fort Worth if you would prefer to take lessons at his house. If you are ready to enroll, click here to fill out our quick enrollment form.

Click here if you have questions and would like to talk to us about scheduling a trial lesson with Zachary. If you live in another city in DFW or would like to inquire about our other teachers, let us know! We will do everything we can to match you with your ideal teacher!


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