Teacher Spotlight: Anthony – Voice, Piano, and Guitar Teacher in Denton Texas

We are pleased to introduce you to Anthony! He offers in-home music lessons in around the Denton area.

Educational Background

Anthony is nearing the completion of his Bachelor of Music degree from the University of North Texas. He has had years of university-level vocal instruction and has been a member of the UNT Choir for six semesters. UNT is widely known for it’s rigorous music program, and as part of his required studies, Anthony has developed a firm grasp of music theory, ear training, and piano artistry. Outside of college, Anthony has studied with a world-renowned guitar player, Bill Hudson, and continues taking lessons to further his own abilities as a player.

Teaching Background

While Anthony is new to teaching music, his university education has involved pedagogy classes, and Anthony has gone through Starlight Music Lessons’ comprehensive training program designed for newer teachers. Anthony’s musical knowledge, paired with his fantastic personality and love for people make a wonderful combination for being an excellent teacher.

Anthony does have some experience teaching private students, both online and in-person. He has been asked to help teach vocal technique and pedagogy at A.C. Jones High School, and he currently works at a Montessori school teaching and guiding students from the primary ages of three to seven. Putting his passion for teaching and music together is something he has always wanted to do. He loves helping students of all ages learn and grow!

CLICK HERE to enroll in music lessons.

Personality/Teaching Style

Anthony’s style is very dynamic, focused and energized. He believes that each student has a different desired outcome for their lessons, and he will cater the lesson to each student’s musical goals. Anthony can teach both academically and free-form, depending on what the student wants to achieve throughout the lessons. While being flexible in his approach to teaching, Anthony still advocates that true progress can only happen through consistent practice and commitment. A core tenet of Anthony’s philosophy is that learning your favorite songs will vastly improve your skill, commitment, and love for your instrument overall. Students will find Anthony to be fun, understanding and eager to help you grow as a musician.

What others are saying about Anthony:

Anthony is a great guitarist, vocalist and overall musician. He is very smart when it comes to Music Theory as well. He has always been willing to learn new things and understands the importance of constructive criticism. Anthony takes as much educational information possible to grow and be an overall knowledgeable student. He has excellent leadership skills as he has demonstrated support and kindness to others. Anthony has a humble heart, and is always willing to be there for those in need. He understands the meaning of hard work and understands what it takes to make something happen. His character demonstrates strength, respect, passion and dedication

Fine Arts Department Head, A.C. Jones High School

Special Skills

One of Anthony’s specialties lies in teaching a variety of techniques on guitar, from beginner methods like alternate picking and power chords, to more advanced techniques such as sweep-picking and tapping. With this knowledge of the guitar, he can also teach a variety of genres, such as pop, folk, rock, etc. Anthony will gladly take the time to learn your favorite songs outside of the lesson and teach them to you during your lesson!

Anthony can teach classical vocal repertoire, as well as offer technique and tips to students looking to sing pop music. He can also teach music theory and ear-training, which helps students progress more quickly and understand music on a deeper level.

Anthony looks forward to seeing you in his lessons and growing with you! Please CLICK HERE to fill out our brief enrollment form. If you have any questions about music lessons, contact Starlight Music Lessons today!


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