Teacher Spotlight: David – Voice and Piano Teacher in Dallas, TX

It is our pleasure to introduce our newest voice teacher in Dallas, TX! David offers in-home music lessons as well as online music lessons.

Educational/Performance Background

David holds a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance/Opera from the University of North Texas, where he studied with William Joyner. David completed his Bachelors of Music in Music Education at James Madison University in Virginia prior to attending UNT.

David has been singing for as long as he can remember. He sang in his church choir as a young boy and continued to sing in choirs in middle school and high school. His grandfather also heavily influenced him musically; who was a great amateur pianist that loved opera!

David has performed many supporting roles in operas throughout his time in undergraduate and had a few leading opera roles during his time at UNT. Most recently, David has been contracted with The Dallas Opera as an Education Outreach Artist for the past two seasons (2019-20 & 2021). The Dallas Opera Outreach Program performed at several Elementary, Middle, and High Schools throughout the DFW area to bring good music and entertaining opera stories to the younger generation.

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Teaching Background

David is a passionate teacher that loves seeing his students succeed! David works well with ages 6+ and specializes in ages 14+ in healthy vocal technique. David has been teaching for 3+ years and works on proper breathing techniques and helps his students prepare anything from choir music to performance techniques. His main focus and foundation of singing is a natural, healthy, and efficient approach. David also has choral teaching experience leading and conducting small ensembles to large choirs.

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Personality/Teaching Style:

David is a very energetic person and teacher! David gets excited and cheers on his students when they succeed to help drive them toward their goals. As stated above, David uses a foundation of proper breathing techniques to help open up the voice, producing a natural and efficient sound. He is a huge believer in connecting the speaking voice to the singing voice to produce a healthy and natural sound. David also frequently asks his students what they feel when they sing or vocalize, as singing is a very sensational activity. He guides his students to having the correct and healthy sensations when singing. Just as an instrumentalist needs to adjust their fingering or embouchure (mouth position), a singer needs to adjust their approach by feeling or sensing what is occuring with their voice when singing.

What others are saying about David:

David is an upbeat and positive young man, a natural “pied piper” type of person who through his own positive energy helps to bring out the best in those around him.  David’s comments to his peers in my Studio Class were always positive and encouraging rather than negative and disparaging.

I would absolutely recommend David Bogaev to a friend!  He has been in my home.  I have been to dinner with David and his wife.  I occasionally left him in charge of my Studio Class, on days when I was away and could not lead the class, myself.

David Bogaev is an outstanding human being whom I recommend without reservation!

William, Assistant Professor of Vocal Studies, UNT

Special Skills

David is classically and operatically trained and is able to teach proper classical vocal techniques. However, David grew up singing Classic Rock with his father and also sang in Gospel Choirs and still loves singing those types of music today. Therefore, David uses his classical training and breathing techniques to open up the voice to produce an efficient sound, no matter what genre a student is interested in. David is able to teach opera, rock, gospel, jazz, musical theater, and many more vocal styles! If there is something a student would like to work on and David isn’t very familiar with it, he will research it and be ready to teach it by the next lesson. David is also able to teach music theory and ear-training to ages 12+ for students interested in furthering their musical knowledge.

If you would like voice lessons with this extraordinary teacher, fill out our quick enrollment form to begin learning from David!

If you live in another city in DFW or would like to inquire about our other teachers, let us know! We will do everything we can to match you with your ideal teacher! Click here to contact us.


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