Teacher Spotlight – Tibrisha – Voice and Piano Teacher in Denton, TX

We are pleased to introduce Tibrisha, our newest piano and voice teacher in Denton, TX!

Educational Background:

Tibrisha earned an Associate of Art degree in Music from Navarro College in 2017. She went on to attend Texas Woman’s University and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts – Music in 2020. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Arts – Vocal Pedagogy.

Tibrisha has been involved in music and singing all of her life, starting at an early age with singing and performing in church. As she grew older, she became involved in choir and musical theatre in highschool, and continued her involvement in college, performing in multiple choir ensembles. While working toward her degree, Tibrisha was a member of TCCDA (Texas Community College Directors Association), All State Choir in 2016 and 2017 and performed at the TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) convention during those years. Following those performances, Tibrisha has become a member of Texas Woman’s University’s Concert Choir – a premier treble ensemble that has attended and performed national conferences in the last few years such as ACDA (American Choral Directors Association) in 2019 and TMEA in 2020. 

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Teaching Background

Tibrisha is new to teaching music in a private setting but due to her educational background, she has had the opportunity to teach students through classes including Graduate Vocal Pedagogy. New environments are not an issue for Tibrisha, due to her dynamic personality, extensive education, and training. Tibrisha has the skills necessary for being a great teacher and is ready to work with any student who is interested in learning to love music the same way she loves music and singing.

Personality/Teaching Style

Tibrisha has an encouraging teaching style. Her philosophy is that there should always be healthy learning and proper technique at all times. She believes that there is not one way any person should sound when making music. If students can bring the desire to learn, Tibrisha will bring her best in order to sucessfully educate them. She is a warm and very loving teacher. Tibrisha has a goofy and fun personality; she is approachable and is able to communicate to her students in a variety of different ways needed. Tibrisha wants her students to know that in their lessons, all the attention is on the student. The student comes first during their time together and Tibrisha’s desire is for her students to grow in their love for learning music. 

What others are saying about Tibrisha:

Tibrisha is a has a friendly and engaging personality, and when teaching, her style is fun but professional. She uses examples and metaphors in a very effective way that gets positive results. I am imporessed with Tibrisha’s knowledge of music pedagogy.

I absolutely would recommend Tibrisha to a friend. Tibrisha is an intelligent and talented musician who would be an asset to any music studio.

Jess, Denton, TX

Special Skills 

A special skill that Tibrisha possesses is that she is creative and often thinks outside of the box in order to help her students out in any way possible to learn. She is able to teach many different genres and styles of singing. She is able to teach: Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz, Contemporary music, Opera and so many more. Her passion is using musical theatre and pop songs to help students learn and have fun expressing themselves while learning new skills. 

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One thought on “Teacher Spotlight – Tibrisha – Voice and Piano Teacher in Denton, TX

    She is such a amazing person.
    Very pleasant , ambitious, great personality
    Very loving caring & giving person.
    She’s Very Bright & Very Intelligent
    There’s Not Enough Words To Explain Tibrisha
    Aunt Nuny will always love you,
    And continue being who you are.
    There’s No Mountain You Can’t Reach❤️

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