Teacher Spotlight: Ava – Drum Kit, Piano, and Guitar Teacher in East Dallas and surrounding areas

We are pleased to introduce our newest Guitar, Drum, and Piano teacher in East Dallas and surrounding areas. Ava (they/she) is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, writer, music educator and visual artist from Dallas, Texas.

Teaching Background:

Ava has been teaching music privately for over ten years. They have worked with students of all ages in private lessons on drums, guitar, bass, piano, as well as songwriting and composition. Ava also works with students in group settings and enjoys facilitating student collaborations. Ava strives to collaborate with students to cultivate educational experiences which honor each student’s particular passions and personality. Ava believes that everyone is born with natural creativity, and the job of a music teacher is to help students develop musical language and skills through which to channel that creativity.

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Educational Background:

Ava received their first drum set from their grandparents at age 5. They began studying formally at age 9 and soon fell in love with performing. Their obsession with generating rhythm through drums was soon supplemented with piano and voice studies. At age 15, Ava began playing guitar and turned their focus to songwriting and composition. Since then, Ava’s passion has centered around imagining sounds and visions, and cultivating those ideas into reality with other musicians and artists. In addition to composing and performing music, Ava also has a passion for sharing music through DJ’ing and has had a radio show on KUZU in Denton since 2019. Ava also works with video, collage, and other visual mediums.

Ava studied in the music cluster at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and performed in many of the school’s ensembles, including the Midi Ensemble, which won a Downbeat Student Music Award for “Outstanding Performance” in 2013 with Ava as the auxiliary percussionist. After graduating from Booker T. Washington, Ava studied Audio Production at The Art Institute of Dallas, where they received their Bachelor of Science.

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