Teacher Spotlight: Daniel – Guitar, Ukulele, and Piano Teacher in McKinney, TX

We are excited to introduce Daniel! He offers in-home guitar, ukulele, and piano lessons around the McKinney, TX area.

Educational background:

Daniel began learning the piano at the age of 12 from his mother who is also a music teacher. As he progressed he studied advanced piano repertoire with Dr. Mary Humm for two years in McKinney, TX. In college he studied music theory, music history, composition, as well as other musical disciplines. Daniel studied advanced piano technique with Dr. Brian Allison, through whom he became an advocate of the principles of the Taubman Technique. Daniel played in the Collin College keyboard ensemble, as well as singing with various choirs. After his time at Collin College Daniel spent two years studying music education at the University of North Texas, where he studied piano with Anastasia Markina. Daniel has performed as an accompanist for various vocalists and ensembles, as well as with instrumental students.

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Teaching background:

Daniel has been teaching piano and guitar lessons to many students over the last 24 years. He also spent several years directing various children’s church choirs. Although his love is classical music, his approach to teaching is to guide the student toward being a problem solver, helping the student to develop skills and knowledge so that they can pursue whatever musical style or genre they feel inclined to. Whether that be classical, pop/rock, jazz or experimental, Daniel views each piece of repertoire as an opportunity to explore technique, music theory, and musicianship, rather than just a piece to be learned and checked off.

Personality/Teaching Style:

Daniel is calm and laid-back, but he gets excited at seeing his student progress and grasp new musical concepts. He has a passion for learning and really enjoys the process of searching out and learning how to further his own and his student’s musical skills. He is always trying to adjust his approach to fit the individual needs and styles of each student.

Special Skills:

Daniel teaches piano, guitar, bass, and ukulele. Daniel spent 6 years as a full-time audio engineer for a large church in McKinney, so he also has skills in recording and producing audio and video.

What others are saying about Daniel:

My 3 children all have totally different personalities,  and he was able to engage and communicate with each of them to make their learning experience a great one.

Alisha J.

He has been able to effectively engage all four of my kids- two boys, two girls, some eager, some not.  He has motivated each of them to pursue excellence wherever they are in the process. My oldest two children had a couple teachers before him, and neither of them was able to meet the needs of all four kids the way Daniel has. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation for a music teacher!!

Jennifer P.

I believe Daniel really enjoys teaching music.  His strengths, in my case, are his knowledge of scales, chord structure and music overall.  In addition, he is one of the best sight music readers I have known. I would certainly recommend Daniel to anyone wishing to take piano lessons.

Ken U.

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