Teacher Spotlight: Joley – Piano Teacher in Grapevine, TX

We are excited to introduce Ms. Joley! She offers in-home piano lessons in Grapevine, TX, as well as surrounding areas.


Ms. Joley’s earliest music memories are of dancing at folk festivals, singing in church, and trying to carefully put the needle to vinyl records on a turntable. In elementary school, she learned to play piano; and in middle school, she learned the flute. Then, in college she focused on flute, piccolo, and jazz piano.

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After graduating from UT Austin, Ms. Joley played with the Austin Symphonic Band classical community, and she branched out to electronic keyboard and percussion in the Austin music scene. Singing with family and church choirs gave way to leading worship bands and honing other live vocal and instrument performance. Joley played and sang as much rock, disco, singer-songwriter, acoustic, and Americana as she could. Ask her some of the zany names of those talented bands! She is grateful to have worked with innovative composers and players that expanded her musical abilities.

Ms. Joley has professionally recorded two CDs of original jazzy, bluesy tunes: Precious Cargo and Mosaic. She currently sings and plays rock-blues with Heritage Bridge Band, classical-jazz with the harp quartet HarpEssence, pop-soul with the Joley3 trio, and some solo piano-vocal performances.  Besides uplifting people at church, her favorite music gigs have included weddings, retirement villages, corporate celebrations, and school/library educational programs.


Joley has taught public-school students in large classes: Mathematics, Spanish, and Music. Each year, she knew all 800 of her students’ names before Christmas! She is passionate about helping small groups of children in their early formative years, providing opportunities for them to grow musically. The joy of making music together is the core of her teaching style, and she works to instill that love of music in a way that can stay with her students for life.

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Joley’s knowledge about music, performance, presentation, and other aspects of music execution taught me so much. Her teaching style has super impressive results, teaching musical talent and also imparting incredible confidence and optimism as well. I wish everyone had a music teacher like her!

John W.

Ms. Joley has many strengths. She is patient, flexible, passionate about music and people, and loves children. She inspires kids to set goals, practice, and enjoy the gift of learning new things. I always recommend Joley to everyone I know. She brings such joy to my family.

Jennifer G.

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