Teacher Spotlight: Daphne – Piano Teacher in Dallas, TX

We are excited to introduce you to Daphne! She offers in-home piano lessons in the Dallas, TX, area.


Inspired by her grandfather (a concert violinist), Daphne’s love for classical piano performance began very early in her life. Studying piano performance, she received her undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico and her Master’s degree from UTD. Over her musical career, Daphne has performed in numerous piano recitals, competitions, and master classes, in addition to performing as pianist and soloist with youth symphony orchestras in the American Southwest. 

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Daphne began teaching while still in high school and has the patience to awaken the inner musician in her students. She has a special love for children but welcomes students of all ages. Daphne believes all students have musical talent–they simply need consistent encouragement and practice in order to progress.

The success in Daphne’s teaching lies with her excellent practice approach and techniques taught during piano lessons. To make the lessons more meaningful for the student, she assigns specific assignments for the sake of seeking ongoing improvement. Daphne balances this with genuine engagement and encourages her students to choose the pieces they will love playing.

Highly engaging and enthusiastic as a teacher, Daphne’s students will regularly see her singing along to musical selections. It is Daphne’s goal to teach her students how to engage with the music to produce the most richness in sound and smooth, expressive phrasing. After all, it is the pianist’s phrasing that creates beautiful music!

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Daphne has been an excellent teacher and mentor. She has been a wonderful guide with advice on the things the girls want to achieve. She gets along well with others and could work with students of all ages.


Not only has she played piano for many years but has played at a high level. Most importantly, Daphne is a good, caring, principled person. I would expect her to have high expectations of students, but also be considerate of varying ability and talent levels and also considerate of time challenges some students might have with practicing.

M. H.

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