Teacher Spotlight: Marcela – Viola & Violin Teacher for Arlington & Little Elm, TX

Starlight is pleased to introduce you to Marcela! She offers in-home lessons for viola and violin in Little Elm, TX, as well as the Arlington, TX area.


Music has always been Marcela’s intense passion from an early age, where she has had the grateful opportunity to traverse three different countries to perfect the art of playing an instrument. She is an avid music performer for the Meridian String Quartet and a member of the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra for over 10 years. She holds music degrees from the University of Costa Rica, Conservatorio de las Rosas in Mexico and from the Hogeschool Zuyd Conservatorium in Holland, where she got her Master’s degree in viola performance. She has participated in chamber music recitals, symphonic concerts and music festivals in France, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Also, she has been a member of the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica, Chamber Orchestra of the University of Michoacan, Co-principal of the Michoacan Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of Mineria in Mexico City, East Texas Symphony Orchestra and many others.

Marcela has a pretty eclectic background that she brings to the table. Besides her training in classical music, she has participated in several groups with various musical styles like rock, theater musicals, celtic, latino, blues. She has recorded for Ruben Blades, and performed with major Latin pop singers. Here in Texas she has performed with Alpha Rev and with the Meridian String Quartet. She currently performs a wide range of repertoire across many different venues.  

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Marcela is a dedicated educator with more than 20 years of experience, specializing in music performance with viola and violin. She began teaching violin and viola when she was 18 years of age at Cartago’s School of Music and the University of Costa Rica. After finishing her music studies, she created her private studio when she arrived in Texas in 2007. She has made a difference with her students through the years: from helping them to improve their playing, to preparing them for auditions, enabling them to join orchestras, ensembles, and even prepare them for being accepted into music programs at major universities. She can proudly say she has ex-students teaching music in various school districts.  Just tell her your music goals and she can get you there!

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Through her years of experience studying and teaching music to people of all ages, one of the things she feels is most important to accomplish is transmitting the idea that music is the most natural language of human beings. When teaching students how to play an instrument, Marcela always keeps in mind her end vision: students realizing that music is not just about perfecting the technical skills required to play. Instead, it’s about getting to express that which makes us human; our feelings, personalities, hopes and dreams, our realities. And she can help you do that with your favorite music style: whether it is classical music, pop, blues, latin, celtic, etc. Marcela thrives on finding where your ceiling is and challenging that limitation.  She is also bilingual and capable of teaching in Spanish.


Marcela is currently my violin teacher. Her style is encouraging, kind, and serious, with a love for the music. She remembers learning violin as a child and uses all of her experiences to illustrate techniques. I would recommend Marcela to a friend or anyone serious or curious about learning to play a violin.  

Martha D.

She is a very successful teacher… any one would be very lucky to have her! Her style is results-oriented.  Marcela does not waste any time in lessons and is very concise. She is also good at adjusting her style for students that are not quite ready for that sort of intense teaching. As far as strengths go, she is super dependable, patient, kind, hard working, honest, and I could name a lot more.

Drew J.

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