Teacher Spotlight: Andrew – Bass, Guitar, & Ukulele Teacher in Denton, TX

We are excited to introduce you to Andrew! He offers in-home bass, guitar, and ukulele lessons in Denton, TX, as well as surrounding areas.


Andrew holds a Bachelors of Music with a Focus in Technology degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. While at UAB Andrew had the opportunity to tour Europe with the UAB Jazz Ensemble, performing concerts in Germany, Austria and Italy. His time as an undergraduate was spent studying music theory, composition, recording technology, and jazz from the professors at UAB. Between semesters he would study privately with the most innovative guitarists in the world, Gilad Hekselman, Rotem Sivan, Ben Eunson, and many others.

Andrew constantly looks for opportunities to grow in his craft, and sees it as his responsibility to his students to be able to provide a diverse range of approaches to help them achieve their goals. Currently, Andrew is pursing his Masters in Jazz Guitar Performance from the University of North Texas.

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With five years of teaching experience in and outside of music schools, Andrew has had many opportunities to work with a wide range of students. While in Birmingham, he worked across a variety of local music schools and educational centers. All of these positions gave him experience working with a diverse array of students with unique musical and personal goals. Due to this, Andrew is comfortable working with students of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to advanced students looking to hone their ability, from age 7 to 70. Holding these positions also gave him experience working with students with autism and severe ADHD.

Andrew’s work as a professional performer has given him the abilities to teach a variety of styles, from pop, rock punk, folk, country, R&B, gospel, to jazz. Performing these genres has gives him a unique insight into the inner workings of these genres, and seeks to bring students the most refined approach possible to help them have fun and learn quickly.

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Instilling his students with a sense of intrinsic motivation is a top priority for Andrew. That feeling where the student has a natural desire to practice because the music they’re working on speaks to them. His approach is specific, and song-based. Students will always be working on a piece of music they love, all the while learning the fundamentals of music to help them succeed in their musical and personal careers.

When students understand the impact a personal goal has in one area of their lives, it quickly begins to help them with finding motivation and purpose in all of their pursuits. Andrew always ensures students understand the practice materials for the week, and that those materials are something that will help that specific students achieve their goals. Finding student’s natural musical spirit is something that Andrew values, and he loves helping nurture and build that spirit into something beautiful they can take outward into the rest of their lives.


An in-demand performer, Andrew has performed all around the south east and internationally in nearly every style. Primarily working jazz gigs, he has worked in all range of professional bands, from top 40 pop, rock, country, to R&B and gospel. Andrew’s strength as a performer and educator is his ability to find something beautiful wherever he looks. Oftentimes it is easy only to recognize what could be better in a student, but Andrew sees the potential that is already present and helps students to recognize that themselves, giving them the confidence to continue to grow.


Andrew is in the top 1% of all of the students I have ever taught. He has earned numerous awards that the jazz department at UAB offers, including multiple “most outstanding jazz combo student” awards. He is very dependable and I’ve never had a student that enjoyed playing as much as him.

Steven R.

As one of our music theory tutors, I found Andrew to be kind, courteous, and accommodating,
but more importantly, he was extremely patient with students who were struggling with the concepts addressed in class.

William P

I believe his strengths are his intelligence and sophisticated musical taste, as well as his dedication to personal practice and expression on the gig. I would absolutely recommend Andrew to a friend for teaching or performing.

Gary W.

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