Teacher Spotlight: Jessica – Piano & Ukulele Teacher in Carrollton, TX

We are excited to introduce you to Jessica! She offers in-home piano & ukulele lessons in Carrollton and surrounding areas.


Music has always been a central feature of Jessica’s life, and she is grateful for the many opportunities to grow musically provided throughout her life. She began taking piano lessons at the age of five, and over the course of her childhood studied guitar, flute, and violin, and eventually percussion in her high school band; but the piano has always been her instrument of choice. She took piano lessons throughout high school and college, and now as an adult she uses those skills regularly; she has accompanied local choirs, soloists, and community musical theater for the past 20 years.

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With an impressive scope of experience, Jessica has a long history of educating young people. She began nearly thirty years ago at her first job teaching swim lessons and coaching a community swim team. After graduating college with a B.S. in Sociology her work centered around children and teenagers with moderate to severe mental illnesses. This included many opportunities to teach and support them in developing pro-social coping mechanisms and communication skills. While homeschooling her own children, she also worked with local homeschool co-ops to teach larger groups of children on a variety of topics. In addition to all this, she has taught many piano students over the years and loves to be part of their journey as a musician.


Jessica is passionate about music and teaching others to love and appreciate it. Her ability to play the piano has been a constant source of enjoyment and community, and she wants her students to have similar opportunities. She enjoys many different genres of music and composers from Tchaikovsky to Tony Bennett, and Liszt to Lizzo. She has been called a “cheerleader”, because she has a way of helping her students see their own strengths and abilities, and encouraging them to push through the hard part to get to the good part.

Music is, at its core, is play, and although there is work involved in mastering the principles, playing music is and should be enjoyable. Jessica loves to let students explore their unique interests, while also giving them the structure that they need to progress and grow as musicians. She incorporates elements of a variety of genres of music along with classical composers into students’ repertoire.

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Jessica is one of the most kind, loving, patient, and talented people I know. Her passion for music is contagious. She goes out of her way to make people feel comfortable, accepted, and important.

She’s INCREDIBLE with kids and has lots of experience teaching/mentoring. She has been an incredibly positive influence on my children’s lives. She always manages to spark enthusiasm, and is incredible at finding ways to motivate kids when they act up or misbehave. She’s seriously amazing and I can’t recommend her enough.

Jason C.

She is very compassionate and helpful to the students.

Micki J.

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