Teacher Spotlight: Juliet – Piano & Voice Teacher in Plano, TX

We are happy to introduce you to Juliet! She offers in-home music lessons in Plano & surrounding areas.


Juliet is a passionate musician with skills in the area of teaching, worship, songwriting, coaching and more. Her private piano lessons began at age 7 and continued in high school and college. She performed in musical theatre and received extensive music theory training. She entered college with an initial focus on classical and jazz piano. Ultimately, she switched her focus to worship ministry, graduating with her Bachelor’s of Science in Worship Arts. During her time in college, she also completed a 2-year internship at Faith Assembly in Orlando, Florida.

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With drive and muse, Juliet has been teaching students of ages 4-25 for the past few years and is eager to share her love for music with her students at Starlight. She likes to focus on music theory to deepen her students’ understanding.

One strength Juliet has is being sure to demonstrate precisely what she wants students to practice. Making sure they have a firm grasp of what to work on throughout the week between lessons allows for optimal growth.

Having had a passionate music teacher herself, Juliet prioritizes sharing that same level of passion about piano and teaching. Teaching with great patience and joy is something she values highly. Her ultimate goal is to create a space for students to love their instrument and in return put their time and efforts into growing in their skill and knowledge. 

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She is the kind of teacher you have fun with but still take seriously. Her students love to have Juliet over, but still feel the pressure of having to practice what she taught. She is very patient, especially with the younger ones. But what we loved the most was her ability to make learning fun. Juliet appealed to each of their musical interests and applied it to their lessons! She made every lesson educational yet personal.

Abby V.

Juliet teaches with passion and purpose, and pulls her students in with graceful words that both champion and challenge them. She really cares about the content she is teaching, but cares more about the student actually retaining the knowledge of the content.

Cade L.

Juliet is disciplined and has great leadership skills. She is dependable. Her self-motivation is one of the qualities that make her a great teacher, because she is always looking for ways to better her craft and to keep her students engaged.

Kellany F.

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