Teacher Spotlight: John- Bass, Guitar, & Ukulele Teacher in Fort Worth, TX

We are excited to introduce you to John! He offers in-home bass, guitar, and ukulele lessons in Fort Worth, as well as surrounding areas.


John’s passion for music began from playing his sister’s guitar around the house. Looking to grow in music theory, he began taking guitar lessons. Soon he began to expand his talent by playing more extensively and stretching himself with a lot of different types of music. John developed a firm grasp of chords, scales, melodies, and ear training. He enjoys learning a lot of different musical styles and continues to grow as a musician.

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John believes lessons ought to be creative, fun, and motivational. Recognizing that each student has a different desired outcome for their lessons, John is determined to tailor the lesson to the individual student’s musical goals. While being flexible in his approach to teaching, John believes that progress happens through consistent practice, commitment, and just as important — listening to a variety
of music.

His musical knowledge, combined with his easy-going personality and enjoyment for teaching others, makes for a perfect combination of being an excellent teacher. He wants to help each student find their “voice” in their instrument and learn how to express it. Students will find John to be a patient, understanding, and confident teacher. He is also an inspiration to his students, as he is focused on creating and releasing his own original songwriting compositions.

It is important to John to take a keen interest in his students and their progress. He can easily adapt to a variety of teaching techniques to help the student maintain motivation. He enjoys introducing some of today’s music, along with the golden oldies to his students.

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His teaching method is compassionate,  understanding and encouraging through his passion for music. I would consider his strengths to be patience and consistency to learning as well as dependability. 

Melanie O.

John was effective at teaching the technical skills and instilling confidence in my son. Very encouraging.  

Martin B.

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