Teacher Spotlight: Caleb – Voice and Guitar Teacher in Lewisville, TX

We are thrilled to introduce Caleb, our fabulous voice and guitar teacher in Lewisville!

Teaching Background:

Caleb began playing music when he was 7 years old, and he has continued to study and perform several instruments including violin, mandolin, guitar, and singing. Caleb officially  began teaching music lessons in 2015 after finishing his Bachelor’s degree at DSU. Throughout the years, Caleb has continued to teach voice and guitar lessons with private studios, professional studios, and school districts. While Caleb’s formal music educational background is primarily in classical music, he also excels in performing and teaching other genres such as Folk, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Metal, Country, Bluegrass, Musical Theatre, and Sacred Music.

Educational Background:

Caleb holds his Bachelor of Arts degree in vocal performance from Delta State University where he studied with Dr. Mary Lynn Buchanan and Dr. Laurissa Backlin. During his undergraduate studies, Caleb actively performed with Delta State Chorale, Chamber Singers, and performed the title role in Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro. Caleb recently finished his Master of Music degree in vocal performance and operatic studies from University of North Texas where he studied with world renowned operatic tenor, Richard Croft. While working at UNT, Caleb performed several roles with UNT Opera including: Henry Davis in Kurt Weill’s Street Scene, Maitre Corbeau in Albert Roussel’s Le testament de la tante Carolina, and Guglielmo in Mozart’s Così fan tutte. He also performed with UNT’s early music group, Collegium and worked as a Stage Director for the Student Directors’ Scenes and Leoš Janáček’s The Cunning Little Vixen.

After graduating from University of North Texas, Caleb accepted the position of resident artist at Pittsburgh Festival Opera where he worked as a singer, stage-director, and sound designer. Caleb is currently an active performer in the DFW area where he has worked with groups and organizations such as Dallas Chamber Choir, Verdigris Ensemble, St. Michael and All Angels, and All Saints Catholic Church.

Teaching Styles:

During Caleb’s music career, he has worked with exceptional music educators such as Dr. Stephen Austin, Kumiko Shimizu, Dr. Elvia Puccinelli, Roy Howat, Dr. Susan Youens, Ryland Angel, and Richard Croft. His extensive study with these incredible professionals as well as his years of teaching has provided him with exceptional abilities to guide each student he works with to success. Caleb’s teaching style is one of an individual approach. While he does use a designed structural system of teaching private lessons, he believes every student is different and should therefore work to find the most prudent system for each student. He also believes that it is highly beneficial for the student to participate in repertoire selection and performance practices.

Special Skills:

Caleb has been performing almost every genre of music for years, and he has not only taught private lessons but has given masterclasses, audition coachings, and recorded multiple albums. Caleb has a wide variety of skills when it comes to the world of music. Some of the more special skills Caleb carries include: German, French, and Italian diction; ear-training; music theory; orchestration; conducting; stage-direction; and music technology.

What others are saying about Caleb:

Caleb is a fine performer, very good musician… is quick and reliable, and an excellent colleague. He has a warm and supportive personality, is very good one-on-one, I am sure would be a strong and empathetic teacher, and a very good team player. Caleb is a real talent and is more than ready for the challenges you might be able to offer him. I believe he would serve you and your students very well. I recommend him without reservation.

Jonathan Eaton
Winspear Chair and Director of Opera
University of North Texas

Caleb has a solid training in the area of pedagogy. He is very intelligent, a fine singer and sensitive musician. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and to you to hire!

Stephen F. Austin, MM, PhD
Professor of Voice
Center for Performing Arts Health
College of Music
University of North Texas

I am happy to enthusiastically recommend Caleb for consideration as a member of your teaching staff. I was Caleb’s Major Professor during his MM degree here at UNT.

Caleb was an ideal student. He possesses an ability to transcend technique and to take the listener into the song itself. He has a very solid technique. He is respectful, thoughtful, professional and was always prepared and ready to work in our lessons. I recommend him without reservation.

Richard Croft
University Distinguished Research Professor 2019

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Teacher Spotlight: Trevor – Guitar, Violin, and Voice Teacher in McKinney, TX

Trevor has been engaged in music from a very early age, when he was first enrolled in beginner’s piano lessons at age six. While this training gave him some preliminary skills in reading music and playing very basic scales and children’s pieces, his true, feverous passion for music wasn’t fully ignited until he started taking guitar lessons at around age eight. What swiftly followed was a strong love for most sub-genres of alternative rock that endures to this day, and inspired him even while he was still in elementary to begin to attempt to write his own songs for guitar and vocals.

Between the sixth grade and his senior year in high school, Trevor was further instructed in guitar by Warren McDonald, a widely acclaimed private teacher in Allen, TX who is a graduate of the University of North Texas’ highly renowned, competitive, and skilled College of Music.

Simultaneously, also starting during his time in the sixth grade, Trevor joined the Faubion Middle School orchestra in McKinney, TX, and began private lessons as a violist. These lessons continued with various different instructors all throughout the remainder of middle school, his time as a member of the McKinney High School orchestra, and his time in the Southwestern University String and Wind Ensemble in Georgetown, TX, where he served as the first chair violist during his Junior and Senior years. At the same time, during these final two years of college, Trevor also started viola training with local Austin Symphony Orchestra violist Blake Turner.

In addition to all of this guitar and viola education, Trevor, initially seeking to simply improve his ability to sing rock music, took formal solo vocal lessons between his Sophomore and Senior years of high school with fellow McKinney resident, Luann Ewbank, a regular private teacher for many local choir students. Not only did all of this instruction greatly improve his singing skills and unlock his full tenor range potential (gotta be able to howl for those rock songs!), but Luann also trained Trevor in opera arias. Both of these newly gained skills later allowed Trevor to perform in his university’s highly praised acapella group “Sailors and Sirens” for about a year. 

Trevor is a friendly and easy-going instructor. He desires to foster not only a strong teacher/student relationship, but a friendship that will allow the student to feel comfortable enough to be honest about where they’re currently at with their skills, how much they practiced and how the practice went, ask questions, articulate their ideas, play their best when asked, etc. Having been a music student in some form or another for around fifteen years, Trevor understands frustrating practice can be and wants to balance making sure that the student is genuinely enjoying the lessons and their instrument while also still improving their skills.

Trevor is available to train students in practically any form of pop/rock or folk on guitar, viola/violin and vocals and can teach more classical styles and techniques on viola/violin and vocals.

Trevor attained his Bachelor’s of Music in Music Theory/Composition from Southwestern University, where he spent several years taking courses in music theory, solfege/ear training, music literature, orchestration, music technology, conducting, etc., and studied composition for around two and a half years with Dr. Jason Hoogerhyde and Dr. Michael Mikulka for just over four months. Trevor is a passionate singer/songwriter/composer and is highly qualified to also teach songwriting/music composition to any interested students.

Teacher Spotlight: Jonny – Drum & Guitar Teacher in Dallas, TX

We are so pleased to introduce Jonny, our talented guitar and drum teacher in Dallas, TX!

Teaching Background:
Jonny is a multi instrumentalist, with experience in guitar and drums. He has studied both instruments for roughly 18 years, including 10 years of on-stage experience, with two professional acts.
Educational Background:
Growing up, Jonny’s first instrument was percussion. Excelling on the drum kit, he gravitated toward jazz and marching band in high school, where he earned a spot as the first freshman quint tenor player in school history. He later went on to play as a touring drummer for a Dallas rock group.

Although he first enjoyed guitar as a hobby, Jonny began studying theory and writing original music throughout his teen years and now plays regularly around the southwest with his band.

Teaching Style/Special Skills:   With a bachelors degree from Texas tech in exercise science, it’s his minor in psychology and coaching that lend a hand to his teaching methods. His lessons are all about the student’s interests and goals pertaining to music. Whether it be ear training, theory, or just learning how to jam along to a few of your favorite songs, Jonny can get you to where you want to go and knows how to have a great time along the way!

“Jonny gives both of my sons guitar lessons. He is WONDERFUL! He is patient, kind, explains concepts clearly, and keeps the boys excited to see him each week. We are so grateful for Jonny!”

~ Owner of Starlight Music Lessons

Jonny is a great teacher. If you choose to have him come to your home for guitar or drums lessons, you will not be disappointed! If you are ready to enroll, click here to fill out our quick enrollment form.

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Teacher Spotlight: Chris – Guitar Teacher in Allen, TX

We are so pleased to introduce Chris, our fabulous guitar teacher in Allen, TX!

Educational Background

Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Dallas.  He began playing guitar in high school, although his background with music goes back to playing piano as a child and early adolescent attempts to write “Weird” Al Yankovic-style parody songs.  He has been a performer throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the last several years, including past regular gigs at venues such as the Tower Club, The Joule Hotel, and the Embassy Suites in Frisco.

Teaching Background

Chris has experience providing lesson content in both an in-person and online environment. He enjoys working with students in person and also runs a successful online lessons site for his own fingerstyle arrangements of popular music.

Personality/Teaching Style

Chris loves seeing students develop a deep and lasting passion for the guitar! He wants every student to feel at ease and comfortable while learning and make their lessons a fun and engaging experience. To this end he likes to learn each student’s individual goals and shape the teaching to their interests.

What others are saying about Chris:

Chris is very organized, and his knowledge of different styles/tastes is impressive! – Frisco, TX

Chris is punctual, organized, and plays very well. I would refer him to anyone. – Frisco, TX

Special Skills

Chris has experience on electric, classical, and acoustic guitar and is able to teach for any of the three.  His own music interests are extremely varied, and he has experience working in many different genres, including pop, rock, classical, indie, country, folk, and R&B.

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Teacher Spotlight: Leeann – Voice, Guitar, and Piano Teacher in Denton

We’re thrilled to introduce Leeann, our voice, guitar, and piano teacher in Denton, TX!

Educational Background :

Leeann has been singing since she was able to talk. She was in choir at various ages with her school and church growing up. Leeann continued her love of music with private lessons in voice, piano, and guitar.  While developing her skills, Leeann performed anywhere she was able, including local coffee shops and worship services.

In 2016, Leeann chose to further her education in music at Texas Woman’s University, where she is currently studying music therapy.

Teaching Background :

Leeann has had the opportunity to teach English classes to children, ages ranging from four to eighteen years old, across the world. She is excited to begin teaching voice, piano, and guitar to students in Texas.

Personality and Teaching Style :

Leeann is eager to share her passion for music with students. It is her goal to inspire her students by showing them that the more they learn and dig into music, the more beautiful and amazing music will be to them. Leeann does not have a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. She sees each of her students as an individual, and her teaching style varies based on the student and what goals and desires they have for their lessons. She wants each one of her students to see progression, but feels it is important to have fun in the process. Leeann loves getting to know her students and finding out what exactly they are passionate about and how that can connect with music.

Special Skills:

Leeann has copious experience with performance and song writing. She loves helping her students discover how to incorporate their own uniqueness and creativity into what they are singing or playing, and she is passionate about teaching kids how to broaden and challenge their mind by creating and writing music.

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Introducing Nathan, Starlight’s Newest Guitar and Piano Teacher in Colleyville, TX

We are happy to introduce our newest member of the Starlight team! Nathan is a fantastic teacher who gives piano lessons and guitar lessons in Colleyville, TX.


Nathan received his Bachelor and Master of Music degree in music composition from Texas Christian University. He has completed coursework for his terminal degree and is currently a Ph.D candidate at the University of Utah.

Nathan has been teaching piano, guitar, music theory, and ear training for 8 years. He has taught students of all ages from many different backgrounds. He also taught college level music classes at the University of Utah.

Having taught so many different kinds of students, Nathan’s teaching style is adaptive to each student’s strengths and musical goals. His focused yet easy going approach has been the key to long term success in his students.

Styles and methods Nathan is able to teach include: Beginner, Classical, Chord Approach, Pop/Rock, Jazz/Blues, Hymns, Piano Accompaniment, Pre-School Piano Classes, College Audition Preparation, Music Technology

Nathan made a memorable impact on his professors while earning his music degrees. One of his professors says,

“I have observed Nathan’s teaching on several occasions. Nathan’s teaching style is relaxed and casual, as is his personality. Within a lesson setting, and particular for students of younger years, I think Nathan would be an outstanding teacher. He is extremely creative and intelligent and is a very fine musician.” – University of Utah and Utah Valley University Professor

Nathan’s students are equally impressed:

“I liked how Nathan taught me good ways to practice. He listened to what I wanted to learn and customized the lessons around that. Nathan is an extremely talented musician and great teacher. He s very professional and organized.” – Dallas, TX

“Nathan is endlessly patient. I’m one of those people who gets frustrated easily and he always keeps a calm voice and tries to make me laugh to ease my nerves of making mistakes. He is also very encouraging and endlessly knowledgeable about all music styles, techniques etc.” – Dallas, TX

Nathan has a firm footing in both rock/pop and classical styles. He started his musical studies by ear with rock/pop music and is now writing his doctoral dissertation on rock music, thus he has a unique ability to apply classical training to rock and popular styles in an authentic way. He is also a songwriter as much as a composer and would be helpful to students interested in writing their own music.

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Meet Ben, Our Newest Guitar Teacher in Arlington, TX

We are thrilled to welcome Ben to our team of awesome teachers here at Starlight Music Lessons!

Ben Shook 8by10 Headshot

Ben has his Associates of Arts in music from Collin College and is currently working on his Bachelors of Music in Jazz studies from the University of Texas at Arlington.  Over the years Ben Has studied guitar with Sam Walker, Ty Weatherly, and Pete Weise. Ben’s dedication to music has earned him numerous awards in music theory, Piano, and a place on the president’s list nearly every semester.

In addition to his musical education, Ben has played in various jazz big bands, jazz combos and musicals all across the DFW area. This has earned him valuable performance experience and a thorough understanding of musical improvisation and the music business that he can pass along to his student’s for a more enriching and insightful lesson.

Ben’s role as Vice President of Music Bachs allowed him to tutor students in the basics of guitar, music theory, and ear training while offering students a chance to perform in front of live audiences to later hear valuable feedback and support.  Ben understands what learning an instrument is like from the student’s perspective.

Ben always makes it a point to make music fun. If nobody smiles during the lesson, then something needs to be adjusted. Ben’s lessons are specially catered to the student’s needs and wants. The typical lesson will focus on the student’s main goal(s) by using a series of fun exercises to prompt musical development or simply by learning songs that incorporate what the student wants to learn. Ben’s goal is promote musical development while leaving a smile on the student’s face.

Styles & methods Ben can teach include:  Beginner, Rock/Pop, Jazz/Blues, College Audition Prep, music theory, and ear training

One of Ben’s professors says,

“Ben has demonstrated exceptional work ethic and organization. He consistently scored above average, offered creative ideas, and displayed a calm, patient, and agreeable attitude. I would recommend him to anyone wishing to take guitar lessons.” – Arlington, TX

More about Ben’s teaching abilities and personality:

“Ben is a very thorough teacher, anticipating the difficulties and questions of his students. Ben is a hard worker and very intuitive. Ben is also thoughtful and very personable when you get to know him.” – Arlington, TX

 Ben will teach in the following cities: Arlington,  Grand Prairie, Euless, Hurst, Bedford

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Meet Jay, Our Fabulous Guitar Teacher in Keller, TX!


Jay began his musical journey by teaching himself to play the guitar.  He soon began taking private lessons with local musicians, session players, and teachers in the Los Angeles area.  Jay wanted to broaden his musical knowledge, so he attended California State University where he earned Bachelor’s degree in music with an emphasis in Recording Engineering.  While attending the University, he took lessons with one of the LA’s veteran jazz performers, Jimmy Stewart. After finishing school, Jay worked in a prominent recording studio in Hollywood where he gained studio experiences.

Jay has been giving guitar lessons to children and adults for more than twenty years.  He has experience with one-on-one private lessons as well as small group lessons. Jay understands that everybody approaches music differently.  Some people want to be the world’s greatest musician and are willing to go through rigorous training, while others just want to enjoy learning their favorite songs. He believes in setting individualized goals for each student so that everyone enjoys the journey of playing music.

Styles & methods Jay can teach include Beginning to Advanced: Chords, Scales, Modes, Theory, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Country, Classical

Here’s what others are saying about Jay:

“I know I’m little bit slow, but he has never lost patience with me”  – Norwalk, CA

“We want Jay to teach my son forever! Even if it’s not the guitar, it’s a positive influence for him be around Jay” – Orange, CA

Jay will teach in the following cities: Keller, Roanoke, Watauga, Southlake, Westlake, Grapevine

Are you looking for guitar lessons in Keller or it’s surrounding areas? Then contact us today, and ask about Jay!