Teacher Spotlight: Jessica – Piano & Ukulele Teacher in Carrollton, TX

We are excited to introduce you to Jessica! She offers in-home piano & ukulele lessons in Carrollton and surrounding areas.


Music has always been a central feature of Jessica’s life, and she is grateful for the many opportunities to grow musically provided throughout her life. She began taking piano lessons at the age of five, and over the course of her childhood studied guitar, flute, and violin, and eventually percussion in her high school band; but the piano has always been her instrument of choice. She took piano lessons throughout high school and college, and now as an adult she uses those skills regularly; she has accompanied local choirs, soloists, and community musical theater for the past 20 years.

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With an impressive scope of experience, Jessica has a long history of educating young people. She began nearly thirty years ago at her first job teaching swim lessons and coaching a community swim team. After graduating college with a B.S. in Sociology her work centered around children and teenagers with moderate to severe mental illnesses. This included many opportunities to teach and support them in developing pro-social coping mechanisms and communication skills. While homeschooling her own children, she also worked with local homeschool co-ops to teach larger groups of children on a variety of topics. In addition to all this, she has taught many piano students over the years and loves to be part of their journey as a musician.


Jessica is passionate about music and teaching others to love and appreciate it. Her ability to play the piano has been a constant source of enjoyment and community, and she wants her students to have similar opportunities. She enjoys many different genres of music and composers from Tchaikovsky to Tony Bennett, and Liszt to Lizzo. She has been called a “cheerleader”, because she has a way of helping her students see their own strengths and abilities, and encouraging them to push through the hard part to get to the good part.

Music is, at its core, is play, and although there is work involved in mastering the principles, playing music is and should be enjoyable. Jessica loves to let students explore their unique interests, while also giving them the structure that they need to progress and grow as musicians. She incorporates elements of a variety of genres of music along with classical composers into students’ repertoire.

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Jessica is one of the most kind, loving, patient, and talented people I know. Her passion for music is contagious. She goes out of her way to make people feel comfortable, accepted, and important.

She’s INCREDIBLE with kids and has lots of experience teaching/mentoring. She has been an incredibly positive influence on my children’s lives. She always manages to spark enthusiasm, and is incredible at finding ways to motivate kids when they act up or misbehave. She’s seriously amazing and I can’t recommend her enough.

Jason C.

She is very compassionate and helpful to the students.

Micki J.

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Teacher Spotlight: Andrew – Bass, Guitar, & Ukulele Teacher in Denton, TX

We are excited to introduce you to Andrew! He offers in-home bass, guitar, and ukulele lessons in Denton, TX, as well as surrounding areas.


Andrew holds a Bachelors of Music with a Focus in Technology degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. While at UAB Andrew had the opportunity to tour Europe with the UAB Jazz Ensemble, performing concerts in Germany, Austria and Italy. His time as an undergraduate was spent studying music theory, composition, recording technology, and jazz from the professors at UAB. Between semesters he would study privately with the most innovative guitarists in the world, Gilad Hekselman, Rotem Sivan, Ben Eunson, and many others.

Andrew constantly looks for opportunities to grow in his craft, and sees it as his responsibility to his students to be able to provide a diverse range of approaches to help them achieve their goals. Currently, Andrew is pursing his Masters in Jazz Guitar Performance from the University of North Texas.

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With five years of teaching experience in and outside of music schools, Andrew has had many opportunities to work with a wide range of students. While in Birmingham, he worked across a variety of local music schools and educational centers. All of these positions gave him experience working with a diverse array of students with unique musical and personal goals. Due to this, Andrew is comfortable working with students of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to advanced students looking to hone their ability, from age 7 to 70. Holding these positions also gave him experience working with students with autism and severe ADHD.

Andrew’s work as a professional performer has given him the abilities to teach a variety of styles, from pop, rock punk, folk, country, R&B, gospel, to jazz. Performing these genres has gives him a unique insight into the inner workings of these genres, and seeks to bring students the most refined approach possible to help them have fun and learn quickly.

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Instilling his students with a sense of intrinsic motivation is a top priority for Andrew. That feeling where the student has a natural desire to practice because the music they’re working on speaks to them. His approach is specific, and song-based. Students will always be working on a piece of music they love, all the while learning the fundamentals of music to help them succeed in their musical and personal careers.

When students understand the impact a personal goal has in one area of their lives, it quickly begins to help them with finding motivation and purpose in all of their pursuits. Andrew always ensures students understand the practice materials for the week, and that those materials are something that will help that specific students achieve their goals. Finding student’s natural musical spirit is something that Andrew values, and he loves helping nurture and build that spirit into something beautiful they can take outward into the rest of their lives.


An in-demand performer, Andrew has performed all around the south east and internationally in nearly every style. Primarily working jazz gigs, he has worked in all range of professional bands, from top 40 pop, rock, country, to R&B and gospel. Andrew’s strength as a performer and educator is his ability to find something beautiful wherever he looks. Oftentimes it is easy only to recognize what could be better in a student, but Andrew sees the potential that is already present and helps students to recognize that themselves, giving them the confidence to continue to grow.


Andrew is in the top 1% of all of the students I have ever taught. He has earned numerous awards that the jazz department at UAB offers, including multiple “most outstanding jazz combo student” awards. He is very dependable and I’ve never had a student that enjoyed playing as much as him.

Steven R.

As one of our music theory tutors, I found Andrew to be kind, courteous, and accommodating,
but more importantly, he was extremely patient with students who were struggling with the concepts addressed in class.

William P

I believe his strengths are his intelligence and sophisticated musical taste, as well as his dedication to personal practice and expression on the gig. I would absolutely recommend Andrew to a friend for teaching or performing.

Gary W.

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Teacher Spotlight: Jeff – Guitar & Ukulele Teacher in Irving, TX

We are excited to introduce our newest teacher, Jeff! He offers in-home guitar and ukulele lessons in Irving, TX, as well as surrounding areas.


Jeff completed his undergrad at the University of North Texas with an emphasis in Jazz Studies. While at UNT, Jeff studied under Joe Lee, Fred Hamilton, and Clint Strong. He then went on to Texas Woman’s University to complete a Master’s degree in Classical Guitar Pedagogy while studying under Carlo Pezzimenti.

Jeff has an impressive scope of performance/style experience. He is skilled with electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and ukulele and has played in numerous rock and pop bands in the DFW metroplex. Not only is he an excellent Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Metal guitarist, he is an exceptional Classical guitarist as well!

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Jeff has a broad array of teaching experience and background. This includes retail lessons, community college group classes, private lessons, recreation center group classes, in home lessons, private music schools, and after school ukulele and guitar programs. Jeff teaches online lessons as well. He works with all levels and all ages and encourages anyone to try lessons. He has been successful in teaching students with varying learning styles and abilities. He is patient and finds a way to help them understand the fun in music!

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Well-balanced, Jeff pairs an easy-going fun teaching style with the right discipline to produce results. His lessons are easy to walk into each week since Jeff does an excellent job assessing the student and responding appropriately with what they need most. His students appreciate the way he motivates them to practice and make progress. His main goal is to show his students the joy of playing. The effort you put into it truly does pay off. Jeff feels that music should be something that is fun and enjoyable, not, a chore or a drill, but truly FUN!

Gifted with the ability to work with many different learning personalities and styles, Jeff recognizes that everyone is different and has a very individual way they learn and you have to find what works. He looks for small repeated victories that really start to add up.


Unbelievable guitar player and so passionate about music and imparting that love for the guitar to his students. I have had a few guitar teachers before, but Jeff is without a doubt the best, and is why I have been with him for so long.

Jaya K.

Gentle, motivating, persistent, and very organized. He has a positive attitude and works with the kids to get them to where they need to be. He has been with us for a long time and the kids love him. Recommend him highly!

Rick S.

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Teacher Spotlight: Joley – Piano Teacher in Grapevine, TX

We are excited to introduce Ms. Joley! She offers in-home piano lessons in Grapevine, TX, as well as surrounding areas.


Ms. Joley’s earliest music memories are of dancing at folk festivals, singing in church, and trying to carefully put the needle to vinyl records on a turntable. In elementary school, she learned to play piano; and in middle school, she learned the flute. Then, in college she focused on flute, piccolo, and jazz piano.

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After graduating from UT Austin, Ms. Joley played with the Austin Symphonic Band classical community, and she branched out to electronic keyboard and percussion in the Austin music scene. Singing with family and church choirs gave way to leading worship bands and honing other live vocal and instrument performance. Joley played and sang as much rock, disco, singer-songwriter, acoustic, and Americana as she could. Ask her some of the zany names of those talented bands! She is grateful to have worked with innovative composers and players that expanded her musical abilities.

Ms. Joley has professionally recorded two CDs of original jazzy, bluesy tunes: Precious Cargo and Mosaic. She currently sings and plays rock-blues with Heritage Bridge Band, classical-jazz with the harp quartet HarpEssence, pop-soul with the Joley3 trio, and some solo piano-vocal performances.  Besides uplifting people at church, her favorite music gigs have included weddings, retirement villages, corporate celebrations, and school/library educational programs.


Joley has taught public-school students in large classes: Mathematics, Spanish, and Music. Each year, she knew all 800 of her students’ names before Christmas! She is passionate about helping small groups of children in their early formative years, providing opportunities for them to grow musically. The joy of making music together is the core of her teaching style, and she works to instill that love of music in a way that can stay with her students for life.

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Joley’s knowledge about music, performance, presentation, and other aspects of music execution taught me so much. Her teaching style has super impressive results, teaching musical talent and also imparting incredible confidence and optimism as well. I wish everyone had a music teacher like her!

John W.

Ms. Joley has many strengths. She is patient, flexible, passionate about music and people, and loves children. She inspires kids to set goals, practice, and enjoy the gift of learning new things. I always recommend Joley to everyone I know. She brings such joy to my family.

Jennifer G.

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Teacher Spotlight: Daniel – Guitar, Ukulele, and Piano Teacher in McKinney, TX

We are excited to introduce Daniel! He offers in-home guitar, ukulele, and piano lessons around the McKinney, TX area.

Educational background:

Daniel began learning the piano at the age of 12 from his mother who is also a music teacher. As he progressed he studied advanced piano repertoire with Dr. Mary Humm for two years in McKinney, TX. In college he studied music theory, music history, composition, as well as other musical disciplines. Daniel studied advanced piano technique with Dr. Brian Allison, through whom he became an advocate of the principles of the Taubman Technique. Daniel played in the Collin College keyboard ensemble, as well as singing with various choirs. After his time at Collin College Daniel spent two years studying music education at the University of North Texas, where he studied piano with Anastasia Markina. Daniel has performed as an accompanist for various vocalists and ensembles, as well as with instrumental students.

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Teaching background:

Daniel has been teaching piano and guitar lessons to many students over the last 24 years. He also spent several years directing various children’s church choirs. Although his love is classical music, his approach to teaching is to guide the student toward being a problem solver, helping the student to develop skills and knowledge so that they can pursue whatever musical style or genre they feel inclined to. Whether that be classical, pop/rock, jazz or experimental, Daniel views each piece of repertoire as an opportunity to explore technique, music theory, and musicianship, rather than just a piece to be learned and checked off.

Personality/Teaching Style:

Daniel is calm and laid-back, but he gets excited at seeing his student progress and grasp new musical concepts. He has a passion for learning and really enjoys the process of searching out and learning how to further his own and his student’s musical skills. He is always trying to adjust his approach to fit the individual needs and styles of each student.

Special Skills:

Daniel teaches piano, guitar, bass, and ukulele. Daniel spent 6 years as a full-time audio engineer for a large church in McKinney, so he also has skills in recording and producing audio and video.

What others are saying about Daniel:

My 3 children all have totally different personalities,  and he was able to engage and communicate with each of them to make their learning experience a great one.

Alisha J.

He has been able to effectively engage all four of my kids- two boys, two girls, some eager, some not.  He has motivated each of them to pursue excellence wherever they are in the process. My oldest two children had a couple teachers before him, and neither of them was able to meet the needs of all four kids the way Daniel has. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation for a music teacher!!

Jennifer P.

I believe Daniel really enjoys teaching music.  His strengths, in my case, are his knowledge of scales, chord structure and music overall.  In addition, he is one of the best sight music readers I have known. I would certainly recommend Daniel to anyone wishing to take piano lessons.

Ken U.

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Teacher Spotlight: Elizabeth – Music Therapist – Voice, Piano, Guitar, and Ukulele Teacher in Dallas, TX

We are so pleased to introduce our gem of a teacher, Elizabeth! She is a master of all trades and a true teacher at heart. Elizabeth has the skill and education to wow you with her own performance abilities, but beyond that, her shining personality, patience, contagious joy, attention to detail and love for her students are what truly set her apart as a teacher.

Elizabeth is a Board-Certified Music Therapist with a Bachelor of Music from The University of Alabama. At UA, Elizabeth’s primary focus was classical voice with secondary instruments of guitar and piano. Elizabeth began singing as a young child and has performed in competitions and performance choirs throughout the south east.

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Elizabeth is passionate about working with children of all ages and abilities. She began teaching with preschool choirs and assisting choral ensembles at the University of Alabama. Elizabeth most recently worked in the music therapy department at Children’s Medical Center Dallas where she taught piano, guitar, and ukulele to patients.

To Elizabeth, the most successful lessons are when the student is able to laugh. Although studying music requires hard work and (almost) daily practice, the student’s weekly lesson with their teacher should be an opportunity to find the joy in music making. Elizabeth prefers that students assist in choosing repertoire as well as learning pieces from different genres to become a well-rounded musician.

What others are saying about Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is a genuine person who is great at building rapport with new people.  Elizabeth’s style is creative, organized, and person centered.  During her internship, she learned what her patient’s individual needs were, then wrapped her knowledge, patience, and expertise around them.  She is great with new challenges and is very flexible, handling new situations as they arise.  Elizabeth also has a solid musical foundation and wonderful music skills. 

Karen, Music Therapist at Children’s Medical Center

Elizabeth has so many beautiful qualities. At the core, she is an incredible person and makes those around her feel supported and understood.  I would recommend Elizabeth in a heartbeat!

Dallas, TX

Elizabeth teaches guitar, voice, and Ukulele to my children. They are absolutely in love with her as a person and are very responsive to her teaching style. It’s so nice to see them making noticeable progress and loving their lessons! One of my girls said today, “Wednesday is the highlight of my week! I just love my ukulele lessons SO much!”

Providence Village, TX

Special Skills:

Elizabeth’s background in music therapy uniquely allows her to develop a music lesson catered to each individual student and their abilities. While Elizabeth has classical voice training (opera, art songs, etc.), she also has trained in musical theatre and contemporary voice (pop style). Elizabeth is able to teach voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele to students of all ages.

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