2015 Spring Recital

Wow! What a Show!

As usual, Starlight Students delivered a fabulous performance!!

2015 Spring Recital

2015 Spring Recital
Post-Show Mingling in the Black Box Theatre.

Whew! I bet everyone is a little bit more relaxed this week! Preparing for a recital is hard work from all angles, but oh, so worth it! Did’t the performers do a FABULOUS job?! We couldn’t be more proud! If you didn’t participate in the recital this year, click here to read about all the benefits of participating in a recital. We would love to see you join us for our next recital!

Do you have any photos or videos from last week’s recital? We would be so appreciative if you would share! It would be an honor to be able to spotlight your son/daughter in one of our newsletters!

Everyone relaxed, laughing, and enjoying the food at the reception.
Everyone relaxed, laughing, and enjoying the food at the reception.

We want to thank all of our students who were brave enough to walk out on that stage and give your best. We know how difficult it is to perform in front of others, but you did it!! You deserve a huge pat on the back! Maybe you played your piece perfectly… Maybe you didn’t. We are proud of you either way! YOU DID IT! That’s what matters! That is quite an accomplishment.

Guess what? You can add the song(s) your child performed at the recital to his/her repertoire list!

Unwinding and basking in the glory of a job well-done.
Unwinding and basking in the glory of a job well-done.

How fun! Don’t know what a repertoire list is or why each musician should have one? Click here to learn more.

Also, now that the recital is over, don’t let all that hard work go to waste! Make sure your

child continues to play his/her songs periodically so he doesn’t lose all that hard work.

Again, thank you to everyone who contributed to making these shows so wonderful. We genuinely appreciate you all!


Teacher Spotlight: Debbie – Piano Teacher in Plano

We are thrilled to introduce Debbie, our star piano teacher in Plano, TX!Piano Teacher, Plano

Debbie has been playing the piano since she was six years old. As a child, she enjoyed music as a hobby and would often play songs by ear. In high school, Debbie moved to Dallas, Texas, and started participating in recitals and competitions with the encouragement of her new instructor. By the time Debbie was a senior in high school, she had won numerous awards in competitions and earned scholarships to attend the University of Houston as a music major. Debbie holds a Bachelor Degree in Music from the University of Houston.

Debbie started teaching the piano in 2007, and has taught students of all levels and ages. Debbie is currently living in Plano, Texas and is working as a private piano instructor and accompanist for the Formosa Chorus of Dallas.

Debbie has a positive and encouraging teaching attitude and is able to accommodate each student’s needs in terms of musical pursuit. She believes that a teacher’s inspiration is essential for a student’s success in music studying.

Styles & methods Debbie can teach include: Beginner, Classical, Pop/Rock, Jazz/Blues, and Piano Accompaniment

Here’s what others are saying about Debbie:

“Debbie worked for me for about five years and we never had any complaints from parents or students. She was very reliable and her students liked her very much. I would not hesitate to hire her again and was sorry when she had to move to help take care of a relative.” – Houston, TX

“Debbie is very patient and kind. She is a very good teacher.” -Houston, TX

If you are looking for piano lessons in Plano, look no further! Fill out our enrollment form and request Debbie!

Debbie is not alone! We have incredible music teachers all throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex! Our teachers come to you! If you are interested in another instrument or live in another city in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact us today to learn about our teachers near you!

Creating a Musical Repertoire List

Music lessons are most successful when you, the parent, are involved.
We teachers are more than happy to help discover what will make your music lessons more successful. Sometimes a few small adjustments can make a huge difference. One thing that might be a good idea to discuss with your teacher is working on a repertoire list. In case you are unfamiliar with this term, repertoire (repə(r)ˌtwär) simply means the songs that the student has practiced and can perform well. Some students might be discouraged because they feel they can’t really perform if someone asks them to play. This can easily be remedied! Often students know many more songs than they realize, they just haven’t taken the time to write these songs down, so they simply forget what they are able to perform. Creating a repertoire list can be so beneficial!
  1. Writing down a list of songs that the student worked hard on and can play well works as a visual reminder of the students’ continuing progress.
  2. Having a repertoire list makes it possible to have impromptu performances/recitals. Personal story: I was raised in a very musical family, and every type of gathering involved musical performances. As a kid I dreaded this because I never felt prepared. Oh, I had practiced plenty and had perfected many songs, but as I continued gaining new songs to work on, I easily forgot about the old ones. I didn’t know off the top of my head what I was able to play or sing. Once I sat down and made a list of all the songs I knew well, I felt much more prepared in the event someone asked me to play or sing something. And all the effort I had put toward my musical development finally started paying off.
  3. Adding songs to one’s repertoire can work as a great motivator. Maybe a student has 5 songs in his repertoire. Well, set a goal! Encourage him to get 10 songs on the list! Reward him for doing so! (This reward may or may not cost money, depending on what you prefer.) Adding songs to a students’ repertoire can be such a feeling of accomplishment.
Don’t be afraid to set goals with your child! Was practicing a struggle last year? What can be done to turn that around? Of course Starlight has an incredible Practice Pals program that you can take advantage of. Practicing is non-negotiable when it comes to developing a skill, especially music. Have you ever met an amazing athlete who only participates in games? No, great athletes practice, practice, practice! What about spelling? What child wins a spelling bee without practice? What child learns to read well without lots of practice? Do you know a computer programmer, writer, dancer, gymnast, public speaker, actor, etc? These people don’t become great without much practice. Music is no different.Not only will practice help the student progress musically, but the diligence that must be learned in order to commit and practice regularly will absolutely transfer to other parts of life.
So go ahead, have the courage, commitment, confidence, and persistence to make 2015 a better year! We wish you much success and all the best in this upcoming year!

Teacher Spotlight: Amanda – Flute & Piano Teacher in Ft. Worth

piano teacher DentonToday we are pleased to spotlight Amanda, Starlight’s fabulous flute and piano teacher in Ft. Worth, TX.

Amanda attended the University of North Texas where she was a member of the marching band and graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy. She has taught private piano and flute lessons for 3 years, and enjoys working with students of all ages, including children and adults, and all skill levels.

Amanda’s background in music therapy provides a fun and relaxed lesson atmosphere geared towards understanding and enjoying music. Lessons focus on proper technique, theory, and performance skills while individually customized to the student’s needs and wants. Her style has been described as patient, caring, and focused on building confidence through a musical relationship.

What are others saying about Amanda?

“My daughter loves her lessons with Amanda. She was going to quit lessons altogether, but then we found Amanda. Taking lessons from Amanda has made my daughter LOVE piano lessons!” – Frisco, TX

“Amanda is very nice, but at the same time firm. She makes the kids enjoy lessons. My daughter loves it. I have also told many of my friends about Amanda, and their kids love their lessons as well. Amanda is a great teacher, but she is also a fantastic musician!” – Denton, TX

“Amanda is really good with students. She builds rapport very quickly and well. She is a great motivator. Amanda has a strong ability to plan and is very organized. She is also incredibly patient.” – Internship Supervisor, Denton TX

Amanda teaches a variety of musical techniques ranging from classical to jazz to pop. She also is proficient in playing the guitar, violin, and ukulele along with percussion skills.

If you are looking for a flute or piano teacher in Ft. Worth (or nearby), contact us today and ask about Amanda! Starlight Music Lessons offers private music lessons on all instruments throughout the entire DFW metroplex. And our teachers come to you! We would love to get you started with music lessons! If you live in the DFW metroplex and would like to enroll in piano lesson, guitar lessons, voice lessons, or more, fill out our enrollment form here. 

Introducing…. Jennifer! Our FANTASTIC Voice, Violin, and Piano Teacher in Irving, TX

We are truly honored to introduce Jennifer. She has been working with Starlight Music Lessons for a while now, and it is her turn to have the spotlight. Jennifer is a gem. She is kind, caring, professional, fun, and wonderfully talented. We love working with her behind the scenes, and we hear nothing but the highest praise and satisfaction from her students.


Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from The Master’s College (Santa Clarita, California). She has studied voice with Dr. Deanna Murray, Sarah Dixon, Richard Burke, and Dr. Betty Karol Wilson. Jennifer has studied piano with Dr. Katherine Kelly, Kathy Goodrich, and David Ellsworth, and violin with David Gray, Darcy Radcliffe, and Aroussiak Baltaian.

She also has a music business background as former Marketing Coordinator for Alfred Music Publishing, the largest educational music publisher in the world. Jennifer is determined to never stop learning and growing! True to this resolution, she recently received her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification from world-renowned YogaWorks in June 2013.

For over a decade, Jennifer has taught voice, piano, beginning violin, and children’s/youth choirs. At one time she even taught the lyre to a curious student! Her very adaptable style is evident in the broad range of her music teaching experiences. She also tutors math and language arts, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Jennifer’s style is best described as dynamic, engaging, focused, and fun. When studying with Jennifer, your lessons are about what YOU–the student–want to get out of them. Jennifer genuinely cares about your music progress as well as getting to know you as a unique individual. An upbeat, personable, intuitive, and slightly quirky personality, Jennifer is passionate about connecting with each of her students. Parents will appreciate her professionalism, reliability, and authentic teacher’s heart. Students will find her knowledgeable, relatable, and a caring friend as well as teacher.

Styles & Methods Jennifer Can Teach include: Beginner, Classical, Suzuki, Chord Approach, Pop/Rock, Hymns, Pre-School Group Piano Classes, College Audition Preparation, Competition Preparation, Musical Theatre, Classical Vocal (Ex: Opera, Art Songs, etc), Contemporary Vocal (Ex: Pop Style and songs)

Would you like to hear what some other people have to say about Jennifer?

“Jennifer’s teaching style is relaxed – she really wants her students to experience the joy of making and experiencing music. But she has studied music on a high level and knows what is required of musicians.”
– Santa Clarita, CA

“Jennifer is a very sensitive and gifted musician and she knows how to communicate that delight in music to students. She has a lot of musical experience and is a very creative individual!”
– Santa Clarita, CA

Special Skills: Jennifer has much personal performance/audition experience (so she can relate to you!): She has participated in Texas All-State Choir, UIL competitions, musical theatre, opera, sight singing/Solfeggio. She can teach composition, improvisation; personalized music instruction tailored specifically to your needs. Jennifer is also skilled in academic tutoring (did you know playing an instrument can improve your math skills?)

So if you or someone you know is looking for an amazing piano, violin, or voice teacher in Irving, TX, contact us today! If you are not in Irving, don’t fret! We have many amazing music teachers in DFW. Contact us to find out what awesome teachers are in your city!


Introducing Melissa, our Newest Voice/Singing Teacher in Allen, TX


We are pleased to welcome our newest fantastic Voice/Singing instructor in Allen, TX. Melissa is passionate about music and has loved singing her entire life. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance. So, as you can tell, Melissa has a fantastic background from an education standpoint, but her musical training did not stop there! Melissa has been the recipient of many vocal awards and has performed many major roles on stage, giving her a well-rounded educational and performance background.

Melissa received vast education in vocal pedagogy in her collegiate career.  At SFCM she had the opportunity to serve as the Musical Theatre Department Graduate Assistant leading rehearsals and trainings.  She has also led choral rehearsal for adult and children’s choirs, giving individual lessons to choir members in preparation for performances.

What can you expect from private voice/singing lessons with Melissa? Well, first of all, Melissa loves to make singing fun. She has an extremely practical approach to teaching which will help students understand a step by step process to overcome any obstacles they may face.  She believes in building camaraderie and rapport with her students in order to foster a trusting relationship.  Melissa’s students can expect a spirited lesson filled with applicable tips.

Melissa’s special skills include: extensive experience with children, and she is well-educated in the classical voice including diction and IPA in English, French, Italian, and German. She also specializes in musical theatre.

What do people have to say about Melissa?

Melissa is very gentle and sweet with children.  She is vigilant and focused. She is very professional and studied in her music abilities, I have been in awe of anything I’ve seen her do.” –San Francisco, CA

Melissa is sensitive, discerning, highly talented/knowledgeable, resourceful, creative, and very fun to work with.” – San Francisco, CA

So if you are searching for voice/singing teacher in Allen, TX look no further! Contact us today about starting voice/singing lessons with Melissa!


Introducing Sean, our Newest Guitar and Piano Teacher in Southlake, TX!

ImageWe are thrilled to introduce our newest guitar teacher in Southlake, TX. Sean has been a dedicated musician for the last 13 years. During his musical training he had private lessons, participated in choirs, received highest honors in UIL competitions, and studied music at the college level, where he gained a great deal of knowledge and hands-on experience in guitar and piano theory. During one of his final semesters in the program, Sean was given the opportunity to pursue a full time career in music in performing and touring with a rock band from west Texas. While playing with this band, Sean also landed a position at an international record label as a digital intern.

With close to 100 live shows under his belt, as well as countless hours of studio and record label business experience, Sean decided it was time to start a new chapter and began working towards his Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies, with a minor in music from the University of North Texas in Denton.

Sean has instructed children and adults in both guitar and piano and also has experience in developing personalized lesson plans to ensure each student is on track as a new musician. Sean helps his students succeed under the teaching philosophy that each student is unique, and that everyone will learn differently and at different speeds. Because of this, Sean likes to teach under the “tell me what you want to learn” method, and attempts to let the student have a large degree of control over what subject matter is covered. This promotes a willingness to practice, and helps the student become excited and passionate about the material being learned.

Sean has strengths in teaching many styles of playing. From slow tempo acoustic singer/songwriter, to heavy rock and fast metal, Sean helps his students develop under whatever style of playing they are interested in pursuing. Sean is extremely patient with new musicians, and understands the importance of taking time to ensure beginner students are engaged and progressing with their new instrument.

What do others have to say about Sean?

“Sean is very patient, kind, and he tends to have kind of a combination of high energy with stability. He gets really excited when someone does well.” – Dallas, TX
“Sean is extremely encouraging and patient.” – Dallas, TX

Are you in the Southlake area and looking for an excellent piano or guitar teacher? Look no further! Enroll here and ask about Sean today!

Music Recitals!


Recital Season is Upon Us!

Yes! It is that time of year again! Recitals are so much fun, a wonderful experience for the students, and we are just so excited!

So, what’s so great about recitals, you may ask?
Well, first of all, recitals are a great way for students to showcase what they have accomplished musically. Learning an instrument is tough! Becoming skilled on an instrument (or in developing one’s singing voice) takes much dedication, hard work, and often goes un-rewarded. When a student has the opportunity to walk on stage to show off what he or she has learned, the sense of pride and accomplishment the musician feels is unmatched. Seeing the smiling faces and hearing the applause from loved ones and complete strangers reignites the passion and determination it takes to become a skilled musician.

Recitals also play a big role in building a musician’s confidence in performing. It is so disappointing to a musician to put so much work into learning an instrument, yet be unable to share that skill with others simply because he or she is too afraid to perform for others. Starlight Music Lessons’ recitals provide a safe and supportive environment to help build a musician’s confidence in performing as he learns his instrument. She doesn’t have to worry about people laughing at her mistakes or judging her nervousness. We all understand that performing is difficult, and becoming a great performer takes practice, just like anything else. So Starlight students can feel confident to walk up on stage and do their best. Once they realize how great  it feels to perform and see the fruit of their labors, they will have more confidence in their own performing abilities. Even if a student does not aspire to be a professional musician, participating in recitals helps the student develop the confidence required to simply share music with other in small ways: playing for relatives at a reunion, singing for residents at a nursing home, bringing a smile to someone’s face by sharing a beautiful musical piece. 

Recitals are rewarding for parents. You have spent good money on your child’s (or your own) lessons. Nothing beats watching your pride and joy walk up on stage and perform. It is such a great moment when you are able to see the fruit of your own labor: paying for lessons, encouraging your child to practice, making time for the lessons. When you see your young musician on stage nailing a piece, the value of what you have been providing for your child is suddenly clear.

Along those same lines, recitals also become benchmarks for measuring the student’s progress. As a parent, listening to the lessons week by week, it is easy to miss the subtle progress being made. But when you compare videos and songs from recitals, you will be amazed by the noticeable improvement in your child’s abilities from one recital to the next!

And finally, recitals are such a blessing to teachers. Your teacher puts so much effort and care into molding your child into a skilled musician. When we, as teachers, are able to see our students pull off those songs we and the students have been working so hard on, as teachers, our hearts swell with pride for our students! We love them dearly, and it means the world to see our students become skilled musicians.

Recitals have even more benefits, but we’ll stop there for now. We sincerely hope you will make time for recitals this year and that we will be honored with your presence at our Starlight Music Lessons 2014 recitals!

Alta Morris
~Music Teacher~
SML Office Manager

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To purchase a gift card, simply email or call us to let us know how many you are purchasing. We’ll respond back with a couple of quick questions, and you’ll be all set! Once you place your order we will mail your giftcard no later than 3 days after we receive your order. If you are short on time and need the Gift Certificate rushed for your special occasion, we can email you a digital copy.

Contact us at: info@StarlightMusicLessons.com or 877-251-3609

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Introducing Chris, Starlight’s Newest Guitar Teacher in Plano, TX

We are happy to introduce our newest guitar teacher in Plano, TX.

Chris is a teacher at heart and is passionate about passing on not only a mental understanding of music, but a passion for music. Chris teaches his students using music that is interesting to them. He tailors his lessons to each individual student since no two students are alike: each has his/her own personality as well as goals for the music lessons.


Chris holds a degree in Art and Performance, with a music minor from The University of Texas at Dallas and is currently studying in preparation of attending The University of North Texas to earn a Jazz Studies degree.

Chris is engaging and relates well to his students. Here’s what people have to say about him:

“Chris is an excellent teacher. He is calm, patient, methodical, and well-versed in music theory and practical application. Chris is a thoughtful musician, a wonderful player, and has a wonderful personality.” – Richardson, TX

One of his professors says, “Chris is very knowledgeable about a variety of music styles. He was an exceptionally attentive, inquisitive, and dedicated student. And, any student with whom you were to furnish him would benefit greatly from his experience, positivity, and passion.”

If you are looking for a great guitar teacher in Plano, TX, contact us today about setting up a trial lesson with Chris!