Teacher Spotlight: Regina – Piano and Voice Teacher in Dallas, TX

It is our pleasure to introduce Regina, our spectacular piano and voice teacher in Dallas, TX!
Regina, Piano and Voice Teacher in Dallas, TX
Educational/Performance Background: Regina holds a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance from Southern Methodist University, where she studied with Dale Dietert. Regina completed her undergraduate degree in Music Education from the University of Texas at San Antonio where she studied with soprano, Linda Poetschke. She started her musical journey at a young age, singing in the Children’s Chorus of San Antonio for 12 years. Regina has twice been a semi-finalist in the Texoma NATS competition and won first place in her division at the South Texas NATS competition. Regina has sung concerts with the Texas Baroque Ensemble around the state of Texas including Handel’s Messiah and Monteverdi’s Vespers. Regina was the 2017 recipient of the Roy and Sue Johnson Opera Theatre Award. In the summer of 2017, Regina traveled to Taos, New Mexico to perform the role of Susanna in the opera The Singing Violin for the Cultural Institute at SMU-in-Taos and most recently to South Africa to perform the opera Wading Home, a work she premiered in 2016.
Teaching Background:   Regina is very passionate about working with students of all ages. Regina’s teaching career began working with choirs and small ensembles, preparing them for contest and concert including internships with local choruses. During her student teaching, she discovered a love for working with students one on one and began tutoring students in music theory/sight-reading as well as preparing them for local and state competitions. Regina has taught private voice and piano lessons since 2014. Still fueled by a passion for working with groups and ensembles, Regina has taught musical theatre and piano group classes and camps as well as directed children’s musicals. In addition to musical theatre, Regina has also taught general music in private and charter schools.
Personality/Teaching Style:   Regina has a very bubbly and outgoing personality. Her students can oftentimes be found laughing in their lessons because she loves to make things fun and enjoyable. Throughout her training, Regina had many difficulties to overcome in her vocal technique. Her experiences have given her a unique perspective that has strengthen her ear to various vocal faults and in turn makes it possible for her to tailor lessons to individual students and truly improve each student’s unique voice.
Special Skills:   Although Regina is classically trained, she is able to teach various genres including opera, pop, jazz, and gospel. Regina has worked with ages 3-35 and prides herself in being adaptable. Regina will do anything in her power to help her students and if she doesn’t know an answer she will take every step to figure it out. Regina sees herself as a lifelong learner and believes she learns just as much from her students and they do from her. Regina currently maintains her personal musical expression by singing as a cantor at a catholic parish and in local cover bands.

What others are saying about Regina:

Regina utilizes healthy vocal technique, and she incorporates both her performance and education background to create a great teaching experience. – Dallas, TX
Regina is extremely professional, she is engaging and precise, and she has a great personality. – Dallas, TX

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Teacher Spotlight: Leeann – Voice, Guitar, and Piano Teacher in Denton

We’re thrilled to introduce Leeann, our voice, guitar, and piano teacher in Denton, TX!

Educational Background :

Leeann has been singing since she was able to talk. She was in choir at various ages with her school and church growing up. Leeann continued her love of music with private lessons in voice, piano, and guitar.  While developing her skills, Leeann performed anywhere she was able, including local coffee shops and worship services.

In 2016, Leeann chose to further her education in music at Texas Woman’s University, where she is currently studying music therapy.

Teaching Background :

Leeann has had the opportunity to teach English classes to children, ages ranging from four to eighteen years old, across the world. She is excited to begin teaching voice, piano, and guitar to students in Texas.

Personality and Teaching Style :

Leeann is eager to share her passion for music with students. It is her goal to inspire her students by showing them that the more they learn and dig into music, the more beautiful and amazing music will be to them. Leeann does not have a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. She sees each of her students as an individual, and her teaching style varies based on the student and what goals and desires they have for their lessons. She wants each one of her students to see progression, but feels it is important to have fun in the process. Leeann loves getting to know her students and finding out what exactly they are passionate about and how that can connect with music.

Special Skills:

Leeann has copious experience with performance and song writing. She loves helping her students discover how to incorporate their own uniqueness and creativity into what they are singing or playing, and she is passionate about teaching kids how to broaden and challenge their mind by creating and writing music.

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Teacher Spotlight: Theodor – Voice / Singing Teacher in Flower Mound

It is our honor to introduce to you our newest member of the Starlight Music Lessons team. Theodor is now teaching singing lessons in Flower Mound.

Flower Mound voice teacherTheodor hails from AnnArbor, where he studied voice at the University of Michigan with Carlos Chausson, Eva Likova and Lorna Haywood, there he presented concerts with conductors like Gari Bertini, Gustav Meier, Donald Bryant, Carl St. Clair, and Robert Shaw. He gave concerts with the Detroit Symphony, Contemporary Directions Ensemble, Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Grand Rapids Symphony, and Grand Rapids Arte Nova Ensemble.

His concert activities brought him to New York and Philadelphia. Under the tutelage of Martin Katz he prepared a series of Liederabende -some of which were broadcast live on radio- in which he sang the Lied-Cycles of Schubert, Die Winterreise and Die Schöne Müllerin, as well as works from Britten, Ravel, and Wolf. This led to a European concert tour in Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Krakow and Vienna, and throughout Germany accompanied by pianists Jakov Kreizberg , Werner Seitzer and Bernhardt Renzikovski.

Theodor made his opera debut at the University of Michigan as Nick Shadow (The Rakes Progress) under the direction of Robert Altman the conductor was Gustav Meier here he also sang Marcello (La Boheme), Conte Almaviva, (Le Nozze di Figaro), Gianni Schicchi and Ottone (L’incoronazione di Poppea).

He earned his Diploma from the University of Michigan and moved to New York, where he continued his musical studies in New York at the Juilliard School with Ellen Faull, Alberta Masiello, Licia Albanese, Renato Cappecchi, Alfredo Kraus, Sherrill Milnes and Luciano Pavarotti. Before finishing his studies he sang under conductors, Anton Coppola, Raymond Leppard, Edo De Waart, Klauspeter Seibel, Eve Queller, and Mitchell Krieger, roles such as, Sid (Albert Herring) and with Reneè Fleming as Manager (Casey at the Bat) in Lincoln Center. With pianist Haesook Rhee he presented in Lincoln Center a program of Brahms and Schubert Lieder and in Alice Tulley Hall, with pianist Karen Becker he sang works of Charles Ives.

Teaching Experience:

Throughout his student years Rulfs was professionally engaged as a soloist/section leader and singing coach for choirs in churches in Detroit and New York City. He gave his first formal lessons at The Rockland Community Music School (now the, The Rockland Conservatory of Music) in New York. Here he encountered students of all ages among them; child  stars from Broadway and aspiring prodigies from the Juilliard pre-college division.

In 1988 the Zurich opera enFor the next twenty-four years Rulfs was a featured soloist on leading opera and concert stages in Europe. He also maintained private studios in Aachen, Hildesheim, Heidelberg and Frankfurt, His students earned International prizes, engaged at professional theaters and gained entry to major conservatories and universities in Europe and the United States.

Most recently Theodore Rulfs served as guest lecturer at the German College of Barcelona where he taught German Song Repertoire and was director of Mozart’s opera, THE MAGIC FLUTE. Theodore teaches the old Italian method which was basis of his teachers success. He believes; the secrets of Belcanto (beautiful singing) are the same for any style of music. In four years he performed over twenty operas in Spain’s leading Opera the Gran Teatro del Liceu whilst appearing regularly at St Georges Anglican Church and teaching at the El Musical Conservatory.

Because his students typically make large strides in vocal quality (power and range) in the first weeks, Rulfs warns that the true path requires great discipline and time.  With great power comes great responsibility.. It is not enough to be the loudest onstage or to sing the highest note. The true artist constantly strives the find the deepest truest interpretation of a given piece of music . Or, as the great theater pedagog Constantin Stanislavski said,  “Love the art in yourself and not yourself in the art.”

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Vocal Singing Lessons – Private Voice Lessons in Your Home

“If I love to sing and can carry a tune, what’s the point of private voice lessons?”

In this post we will address the purpose and need for vocal singing lessons.

I am sure you are well aware of the many opportunities to sing for a crowd. For voiceadults, these opportunities might include karaoke night, community theatre and community events, church choirs and praise teams, etc. Children can sing in choirs, school musicals, private arts schools, and participate in a variety of music camps. With the abundant opportunities to practice singing (not to mention fun shower acoustics), what’s the point of taking vocal singing lessons?

The ability to carry a tune is one many adults and children possess. For this reason, one may feel that vocal singing lessons are superfluous. But vocal singing lessons most certainly are not superfluous. Let’s discuss what is involved in vocal singing lessons besides simply learning some notes and song lyrics.

We all know that our vocal chords are important to communication, but that’s not all! The human vocal chords are an instrument! This instrument can be used in so many ways: talking, yelling, laughing, coughing, sneezing, whispering, and singing. But of course you know that. However, what many people do not know or even think about is that, like any other instrument, our vocal chords need to be properly used and cared for.

One thing a good vocal coach will teach is the anatomy of the human voice. This may sound boring, but don’t be fooled! This is some really interesting stuff! And understanding the anatomy of the human voice is essential in order to control the sound that is made with the voice.

A good voice teacher will also focus on breathing. Do you ever wonder if you or your child is breathing properly when singing?… “We all know how to breath, don’t we? What could a vocal coach possible teach me about breathing?” Many voice students are surprised to learn that they are breathing in such a way that can actually be working against them while they strive to be a good singer. When a person is asked to take a deep breath, it usually results in a noisy intake of air, while the shoulders rise and the upper chest expands. This type of breathing actually limits the amount of air that can be used to project a musical phrase. Vocal coaches offer many exercises for the beginning voice student in order to develop a strong ability to breath and control one’s breath before a single note is even sung.

Other elements to a good voice lesson include learning to keep the correct posture conducive to singing well: relaxed, but erect. Pronunciation is also an important skill often overlooked by the untrained singer. The voice teacher will also work with his/her student on good pitch – something incredibly important to a singer. It is not uncommon for a singer to think he has good pitch simply because he can’t hear otherwise. His voice teacher will help the student develop good pitch.

The real fun comes when these building blocks of vocal technique (breath, posture, diction, and pitch) are used together to make music! At this point the teacher will work with the student on tone. Music tells a story, and the most enjoyment comes to the singer as well as the audience when the singer is able to tell the story of the music and back it up with good vocal technique.

Vocal training is not only reserved for beginner musicians. Even professional singers continue to receive vocal coaching. And if the community theatre holds auditions or a child desires to become involved in the school musical, vocal singing lessons can make the difference between a good audition and a spectacular performance.

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