Teacher Spotlight: Allison – Piano Teacher in Dallas, TX

Allison is currently earning her Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition at Southern Methodist University. She loves being a music student almost as much as she loves teaching and sharing her passion for piano, music theory, and composing. She has traveled throughout America and Europe sharing her music, even spending a semester at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and attending the International Music Festival of the Adriatic in Italy. She always looks forward to coming back home to help teach the next generation.

Allison expects her students to work hard and practice diligently, but believes that the learning process should be a fun and positive experience for everyone involved. She is committed to helping students learn any kind of music they are interested in – classical, film music, video game music, pop, etc. – while still establishing a basis of good technique.

Allison teaches all ages and all levels, from beginner to professional. Lessons with Allison are engaging and fun, and Allison’s hope for her students is that they develop to be great musicians, not just great pianists.

Here’s what others are saying about Allison:

I had the distinct honor and pleasure to serve as Allison’s piano teacher for 10 years. I taught her from the very beginning until the time she left for her University studies at SMU in Dallas.

Allison is a fine musician. She is very detailed and thorough. She is always punctual in arriving for appointments. She always steps up to meet the challenge in front of her. She has a strong sense of determination. She puts forth whatever level of effort is needed to learn a piece of music and excel at it.

I invited Allison last summer to meet with one of my current students who is also considering a major in Music Composition. Allison did a lesson with this young lady and I was very impressed with her down to earth interest in my student along with the practical advice she gave. Allison assisted my student in playing a song she was learning. Allison was very patient and kind as well as being very thorough.

I have taught for many years and I am preparing to retire from teaching. I have thought many times that if Allison would be doing her Master’s work in San Diego, I would gladly and proudly transfer all of my students to her. I’m convinced they would be studying with the very best! I would recommend Allison to my students and friends!

Music Teacher, San Diego, CA

Allie has wonderful interpersonal skills and relates well with students and their families. She always has a smile on her face and never complains about any task. Her demeanor and character are what you want to see in a teacher. She is considerate, kind, and compassionate. It is clear that Allie loves music and she’s enthusiastic in any music endeavor she faces.

Allie is very bright and has such a delightful personality. Allie loves music and her love of music is infectious! She makes you excited about whatever she’s working on. Allie’s training at SMU combined with her natural engaging personality makes her ideally prepared to be a music teacher.

I would enthusiastically recommend Allie to anyone I met who was looking for a private teacher.

Associate Director of Music Admissions, SMU Dallas, TX

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The Importance of Effective Piano Practice

Is practicing a chore at your home? Developing consistent and effective piano practice habits is often the biggest struggle for those learning the instrument. Sometimes you just need a little help. If practicing is a struggle in your home, you could definitely benefit from our Practice Pals program. This program allows you or your child to have a Practice Leader actually practice with you three times each week! This is a great opportunity for beginning students as well as for those who have been playing for years.

Practice Pals can help teach a student how to practice the piano by walking with the student through his/her piano practice assignments throughout the week in a fun, engaging way. This will help lay a solid foundation for long-term musical success. It is crucial for a student to not only practice, but practice in such a way to make that time effective. If a student doesn’t know how to practice, much time will be wasted. Many students get discouraged due to ineffective practicing habits, leading to quitting private lessons. We have spoken with many adults who have had that experience themselves, only to regret their decision to quit music lessons.

We want to help! Practicing doesn’t have to be a chore! Give Practice Pals a try and see the amazing difference in your child’s progress! Don’t let your kid be the one who grows weary of the process and quits, only to regret that decision for the rest of their lives. Contact us today to get started with Practice Pals!

Your Music Student’s Biggest Helper

Woman and young girl playing piano and smilingJust the other day, the moment I’ve been waiting for arrived.

We were about the begin our in-home piano lesson, when Mark blurted out, “Guess what? Today, I played both of my new songs for my class!” He was so excited, he could barely sit still!

I love this moment in a piano student’s development, because it means we are on the right track. The love of music and all it has to offer is meant to be shared—when a student finally catches this spirit, it is a wonderful thing to behold!

This moment also signals that the student’s confidence is growing. When they feel secure enough in their newly budding skills, it means that they are proud of what they’ve accomplished. It means that they’re beginning to see that their hard work is paying off and that they are not the same piano player that they were before.

But, most importantly, it also means that, as a piano teacher, I have “help”. A child can only hear praise from one source for so long before it means less than it used to. Having the help of a child’s peers, however? Priceless!

Written By: Kelly Cone
Starlight Music Lessons Staff Writer and Teacher

I Want To Be My Students’ #1 Fan!

Wednesday is my busiest teaching day, but consequently also the day that I end up feeling like a VIP. I have a student, Tyler, who is so excited that it is his piano lesson day that many times he runs all the way outside to my car to greet me! That kind of a welcome gets me jazzed up for the lesson and lets me know that he is ready and eager to learn.

Having been a piano teacher for over 11 years now, I can tell you that teachable and passionate students, such as Tyler, are such a joy to work with. In my opinion, they are the students who get the most out of their music lessons. They literally beg you to give them more songs to practice and are always flipping to the next page saying, “How does this song go?” As is with so many things in life, attitude can often supersede aptitude.

When it comes to attitude, I know that it is not just the student’s attitude that makes a lesson successful. I feel that it is my job as a piano teacher not just to teach students how to clap rhythms, read music, or play with good technique, but to be their #1 fan. To encourage them and keep the lessons fun and positive is just as important as instructing them on the mechanics of music. It is so important that we teachers not douse that special “spark” that beginning piano students have and bog them down with being overly critical. Sure, I want to see them play their pieces correctly and with care, but I must remember to balance my critiques with genuine compliments. If I do these things, my students will feel like VIPs on Wednesdays too.

Written by Davina Whitlark, staff writer and teacher extraordinaire for Starlight Music Lessons.