Teacher Spotlight: Alyssa – Piano Teacher in Arlington

It is our pleasure to introduce to you Alyssa, our wonderful piano teacher in Arlington, TX!

Educational Background

Alyssa started taking piano lessons when she was a child, and to this day continues to learn all she can to better herself as a pianist and a teacher.  She studied music theory at Trinity Baptist Bible College, while also singing in the choir. Alyssa participates heavily in the music program of her local church, performing solos regularly and accompanying other performers.

Teaching Background

Alyssa has been teaching since February 2016. Her students love her and have done well under her instruction.  She held her first recital in May 2016, and six out of her then eight students participated.  She started with only two students, and in a short time teaches more than 12 students thanks to her students referring her — a true sign of happy students and parents!

Personality & Teaching Style

Alyssa loves to have fun with her lessons, whether the student is 4 or 40.  She also knows that students will have more fun the more they progress, and so she tries to work with her students to set and accomplish clear goals, both big and small.  Alyssa also likes to get to know her students personally, and to learn what motivates each student to play piano and use that as a basis for growth.

What others are saying about Alyssa:

Alyssa is a fantastic piano teacher.  Her patience, knowledge, and encouragement is the same whether you are 5 or 45.  My son and I both take lessons from Alyssa, and we love her!

Fort Worth, TX

Miss Alyssa has been a great teacher for my 4-year-old daughter.  She is very patient and great at making the concepts easy for her to understand.”  

Arlington, TX

Alyssa’s strengths as a piano teacher are that she knows what sections of a piece need to be polished.  As my student, I can tell when she has put her mind to accomplishing a certain goal.

Arlington, TX

Alyssa is a wonderful piano teacher.  My son and I love her teaching style and she is very good at teaching students at any level.  She is an encouraging teacher and teaches in a positive way.

Grand Prairie, TX

Special Skills

Alyssa loves teaching the younger-aged kids with fun curriculums that introduce music concepts through characters and songs that get the student moving and learning even away from the piano.  It is amazing to watch young minds explore and grow through music.  She also specializes in sacred music, although all styles of music will be taught through the curriculum.

October Newsletter: It’s Your Turn to Shine! And… Preparing for Family Gatherings

Music Lessons for Adults

You know, we don’t only offer music lessons for kids. Many adults take music lessons as well, and so can you! If you have children taking music lessons, you already have a teacher coming to your home, so why not go ahead and take lessons yourself?

Music teachers repeatedly hear people reminiscing about their musical experiences:
“I always wanted to play an instrument when I was a child, and I never got to.”
“My parents made me take piano lessons when I was a kid, but I never practiced so they let me quit. Now I really regret that.”
“I’d love to have a grand piano in my house, but I don’t know how to play.”
“I used to play the clarinet in high school and I really loved it.”

Do you find yourself wishing you could express yourself through music? Maybe you would like to be able to enjoy playing music as a family. How about giving back to the community musically? Playing at nursing homes, joining the church worship team… Or maybe you would simply love to be able to sit down and play something beautiful for yourself. Did you once know how to play but have let your skills fall by the wayside in the busyness of life? You don’t have to let musical skill simply be a dream or a thing of the past! You can learn as an adult!

As a matter of fact, learning music might even be easier for you now that you are older!

If you would like to learn more about some of the benefits of learning an instrument as an adult, as well as some of the pitfalls to avoid, you can read more here. If you would simply like to talk to someone about possibly starting music lessons as an adult, give us a call! (214) 477-8006 or reply to this email.

We would be so thrilled to help you do something for yourself. Maybe it’s time for you to take a risk! If you’ve been toying with the idea of learning an instrument, give it a shot! We would love to work with you to help your dream become a reality!

Musical Preparation for the upcoming Months

Alright! The end of the year is quickly approaching, which means lots of gatherings, so make sure your family is prepared musically! This is the perfect opportunity for you or your child to learn some special songs to perform for family and friends. Now is the time to start preparing! Wouldn’t it be fun to have a musical performance during your Thanksgiving gatherings! If this sounds interesting to you, talk to your teacher about helping put together a repertoire of songs that can be played at all of your upcoming family gatherings. This won’t be a formal recital, but it can be a lot of fun and a great motivator for students to work extra hard at their music and practice more.

Speaking of practicing, if you haven’t taken advantage of our Practice Pals program yet, now might be a great time to give it a try!! Practice Pals can truly be the missing factor a struggling student needs in order to make that desired musical progress. Check out the details here, and enroll in Practice Pals today!

Happy Fall everyone!

Introducing Yujie, our newest Piano Teacher in Grand Prairie, TX

Are you looking for piano lessons in Grand Prairie, TX? Look no further! We have a fantastic teacher for you. Her name is Yujie.

image00 (1)

Yujie began learning to play the piano at three years old and continued practicing with a well-known piano professor at Sichuan Conservatory of Music in Chengdu, China for 15 years. During this time she passed Piano Performance Band 10 (highest level) at Sichuan Conservatory of Music at 11 years of age.

Yujie also served as an accompanist and a singer in collegiate level choir while an undergraduate student at UESTC for four years. During her tenure at UESTC, she won the 2005 Beijing First National University Art Performance First-Class Award and participated in a live performance at the Great Hall in Beijing, China.

Yujie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) which she completed in July 2007. She graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas in December 2010 with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and continued to work as a Research Assistant for the Department of Computer Science post graduation. 

Yujie has experience teaching children and novice adults in private and group settings. Her teaching style is incredibly motivating and sets her students at ease. It is important to her to be able to build relationships with her students so they view her as a friend as opposed to being afraid of her. Along with her pleasant, motivational personality, Yujie is highly analytic and always pays attention to detail. Her success throughout her engineering education was due to her focus, determination and drive for positive results. She takes the same approach when teaching piano to her students.

Coming from a fierce piano competition environment in China, Yujie teaches her students techniques used by the professionals. A few examples include: proper hand posture, agile finger movements and increased endurance.

What others are saying about Yujie:

“Yujie is extremely nice and patient. She is a good teacher for children.” – Dallas, TX
“Yujie has very good personality and can communicate very well with students. She is active to communicate with students and is good at creating a good and relaxing atmosphere.”  – Dallas, TX

Yujie teaches in-home piano lessons in Grand Prairie, Arlington, and Irving, TX.

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