Teacher Spotlight: Daria – Voice, Violin, and Piano Teacher in Frisco, TX

It is our pleasure to introduce Daria, our spectacular piano, voice, and violin teacher in Frisco, TX! Daria offers lessons online and in her Frisco studio.

Daria – Piano, Voice, and Violin

Educational Background
Daria holds both Bachelor of Music and Master of Music from The Manhattan School of Music, the world-renowned music conservatory. She has studied voice with Mignon Dunn and Maitl Peters and accompanying with Kenneth Merrill. She went on to study voice with Lorraine Ernst Sandra Darling and at John J. Cali School of Music at Montclair State University, received her Artist Diploma. Later on she studied voice with David Jones. Additional studies include Musical Theatre from New York University, German Lieder Program from University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Dalcroze Teacher Training Program from the Dalcroze School at Lucy Moses School, Professional Artist Program from Songfest Festival, and Advanced Artist Opera Workshop Program from Daniel Ferro’s Vocal Program.

Daria's Studio
Daria’s Studio

Teaching Background
As a highly dedicated music teacher with more than 16 years of experience, Daria has taught classical voice, musical theatre, piano, beginner violin, and children/youth/adult choirs in a kindergarten, private schools with public schools’ setting, and a college.

Personality/Teaching Style
Daria is a cheerful and uplifting person who has a caring and a passionate heart. She believes in a flexible manner of instruction, responsive to the unique personality of each student.

Styles & Methods I can Teach
Dalcroze, Alfred, Bastien, Hanon, Suzuki, Concone, Marchesi, Alexander Technique, Stage Combat, Hymns, Classical, Musical Theatre, College/Grad school Audition Preparation, Competition Preparation

What others are saying about Daria:

Ms. Chung is extremely dedicated to the concept of education. She feels a strong sense of responsibility to the students in her classes and she takes their success very personally. She is also exceedingly patient with all students, encourages them and coaxes the very best effort from each and every one. And I think this is the reason that her students love her so much and made such a huge improvement on making their music in such a short period of time. Ms. Chung is clearly one of the best faculty I have worked with in the last 19 years.

Daria is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher. She would lead the students patiently step by step to help them make the right sound needed for the piece. She is willing to repeat as many times as possible until the students finally understand the idea. I have seen many students be amazed at the sound they were able to produce after her coaching.

Daria is a very sincere and caring person. She is able to understand and relate to many different people with various environments which must be the reason she was able to successfully teach various students and work in different environments. Also, she has given many performances for charity for the people in need for help.

Special Skills
Daria has given numerous solo recitals throughout the United States of America, Europe and Korea including New York Debut Solo Recital at Weill Recital at Carnegie Hall as an award recipient. She has also appeared in various chamber ensembles as a soloist and operas as main soprano roles.
Daria was a winner of the Artists International Competition, National Society of Arts and Letters Competition and the NATS Artist Awards Competition.

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Vocal Singing Lessons – Private Voice Lessons in Your Home

“If I love to sing and can carry a tune, what’s the point of private voice lessons?”

In this post we will address the purpose and need for vocal singing lessons.

I am sure you are well aware of the many opportunities to sing for a crowd. For voiceadults, these opportunities might include karaoke night, community theatre and community events, church choirs and praise teams, etc. Children can sing in choirs, school musicals, private arts schools, and participate in a variety of music camps. With the abundant opportunities to practice singing (not to mention fun shower acoustics), what’s the point of taking vocal singing lessons?

The ability to carry a tune is one many adults and children possess. For this reason, one may feel that vocal singing lessons are superfluous. But vocal singing lessons most certainly are not superfluous. Let’s discuss what is involved in vocal singing lessons besides simply learning some notes and song lyrics.

We all know that our vocal chords are important to communication, but that’s not all! The human vocal chords are an instrument! This instrument can be used in so many ways: talking, yelling, laughing, coughing, sneezing, whispering, and singing. But of course you know that. However, what many people do not know or even think about is that, like any other instrument, our vocal chords need to be properly used and cared for.

One thing a good vocal coach will teach is the anatomy of the human voice. This may sound boring, but don’t be fooled! This is some really interesting stuff! And understanding the anatomy of the human voice is essential in order to control the sound that is made with the voice.

A good voice teacher will also focus on breathing. Do you ever wonder if you or your child is breathing properly when singing?… “We all know how to breath, don’t we? What could a vocal coach possible teach me about breathing?” Many voice students are surprised to learn that they are breathing in such a way that can actually be working against them while they strive to be a good singer. When a person is asked to take a deep breath, it usually results in a noisy intake of air, while the shoulders rise and the upper chest expands. This type of breathing actually limits the amount of air that can be used to project a musical phrase. Vocal coaches offer many exercises for the beginning voice student in order to develop a strong ability to breath and control one’s breath before a single note is even sung.

Other elements to a good voice lesson include learning to keep the correct posture conducive to singing well: relaxed, but erect. Pronunciation is also an important skill often overlooked by the untrained singer. The voice teacher will also work with his/her student on good pitch – something incredibly important to a singer. It is not uncommon for a singer to think he has good pitch simply because he can’t hear otherwise. His voice teacher will help the student develop good pitch.

The real fun comes when these building blocks of vocal technique (breath, posture, diction, and pitch) are used together to make music! At this point the teacher will work with the student on tone. Music tells a story, and the most enjoyment comes to the singer as well as the audience when the singer is able to tell the story of the music and back it up with good vocal technique.

Vocal training is not only reserved for beginner musicians. Even professional singers continue to receive vocal coaching. And if the community theatre holds auditions or a child desires to become involved in the school musical, vocal singing lessons can make the difference between a good audition and a spectacular performance.

Starlight Music Lessons offers vocal singing lessons in DFW. We would love to help you realize your singing potential! Click here to enroll in vocal singing lessons in your home.

Welcome Mary, Starlight’s Newest Voice Teacher in Allen, Frisco and Plano, TX!


Starlight Music Lessons is happy to introduce our singing teacher, Mary! She is an exceptional voice teacher in Allen, Frisco and Plano, TX. Mary has 2 degrees in vocal performance from Baylor University. She is warm, friendly, exciting, and engaging. She is well-trained and has lots of experience teaching voice lessons.

Mary’s students feel comfortable around her and know they can talk to her about anything. Mary’s close relationship with her students as well as her encouraging and uplifting approach make Mary’s students feel comfortable and confident, which helps them readily develop their voices.

Mary has great passion for music and her students. If you are looking to improve your vocal performances, look no further! Contact us today about scheduling a trial voice lesson with Mary.